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  1. not registering sound when my tank is hit, i just notice that i have received damage when losing hitpoints, any ideas?
  2. here is the log, i i did the wot caches when i did the full game reinstall on the 20th So if any ideas on if a particular mod is doing it? i can try taking it out manually or reinstall modpack, i was able to remove individual mods easier way back before the wotmod folder I should add that it doesnt punt me to the connect to server screen everytime, sometimes its ok, other times, it synchronizes for a bit, then connection interrrupted. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. did a reinstall of game, and installed mods, had same problem, will try on new patch, and post logs. did a ticket with WG and of course they blame mods as usual
  4. i downloaded the new one, and did cut out some mods, but still have the problem, it has been re-occuring for months i can live with it, but my platoon mates cant.
  5. here is the wotlogs zip Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Hello all, love the modspacks, however i get a weird problem that started around end of summer, so around september or so. have mods installed When my tank had died in battle, i come back to garage, so am moving around other tanks, or getting ready for battle while in platoon, typing in garage chat or just waiting for tank to come back. When it comes back, alot of times i get a lockup(mouse doenst move), then the spinning gears / synchronizing personal file, then it will kick me to connection screen. so after contacting WG they say remove mods, check connection router/internet etc. (my GF can be in battle or in garage and doesnt get disco'd) now here is the weird thing, if i have my buddy over, or play another account on my computer that has less tanks, there is no issue. I have had almost 400 tanks in garage, so my buddy has 40-50 and GF has around 180, so no problems if i play theirs on my comp. Also i run the exact same mods on the EU server, with less tanks and never had a issue. So am wondering if anyone else has a problem, or is there possibly a specifiic mod that may cause this. Thanks Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip

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