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  1. Shagglehod

    Port mods don't seem to work?

    Yep, I know how the whole bin file thing works, and I delete the old one upon a new update. All other mods work perfectly, only ports are having problems working.
  2. Shagglehod

    Port mods don't seem to work?

    All I see is the regular ports. It's as if the mods just aren't installing and nothing is happening. They're all present in the DLC cache as the 7z folders. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  3. Shagglehod

    Port mods don't seem to work?

    So I just tried a fresh install, wiping ALL mods, installing nothing but the ports. Not one of them worked.
  4. Shagglehod

    Port mods don't seem to work?

    Well, clearly I and my friends are doing something wrong. Checking off the boxes doesn't seem to be enough to install them properly. Is there anything that could be interfering?
  5. Why does Aslain keep including the various port mods in the installer if they don't work? Unless they do work and I just suck, in which case can somebody intelligent direct me to how to make them work, since evidently just checking them off and installing it doesn't seem to work. I have tried going into the DLC Cache and doing it manually as well, and the ports did not appear.

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