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    Modpack and registry issues

    Hi It is a bad idea. Actually on one occasion, Avast completely removed Malvarebite (including its installation program) . Then again, if I do not have them, I do tend to grow a selection of malvares.... Giancite is the best thing ever. Tried to contact wot customers support but well...not really helpful and actually rude. Then Scorpiany told me about this modpack. The best thing ever. You guys are doing a great job.
  2. azra11

    Modpack and registry issues

    Hello Quaksen and Aslain That was very fast, thanks guys a lot. Quaksen, I would attach it, but game with modpack in the mean time was removed from the computer. Yes, it might be due to antivirus. I have Malvarebyte and Avast, it is a constant battle between them. Aslain, I always wait for giancite, it works best for me. I think this would not be caused by specific aim circle? Anyway I will disable antiviruses and install it and let you know if something happens.... Again, thanks a lot. Azra11
  3. Dear Aslain and users I am using this modpack for some time now. It was working flawless for me. I am colour blind, and giancit aimcircle is something that really allows me to actually play. I am not really able to see green on green... Anyway, with latest modpack I got two crashes. When scanned for problems I got following info (icluded in attachment) I would be very grateful for any help. Your mod is my only hope for playing the game. Thanks Azra11

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