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    No rust Mod

    Soo a few things. I got this working perfectly....but not from Aslains. The original mod is sourced here - https://forum.gamer.com.tw/C.php?page=1&bsn=21052&snA=7791&tnum=68 You DO need to change two of the xml files to make them work on NA... And it seems to require a 'base' which is what changes the camouflage.xml file to make it actually work with the mod.... And yes - you lose ALL camo visibility when you use this mod - but that's fine as the ships look incredibly good. What isn't fine though is that with the mod installed the game sometimes just crashes - and that's just with the mod. I do wish I could make it work reliably - but the crashing is an absolute deal breaker no matter how amazing the ships look. If someone could figure out WHY it crashes that'd be great, but I totally can't.....

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