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  1. parabellum06

    the game shuts down during advance...

    yeah im asking bc u or aslain didnt come with any solution based on old log and updating the mod didnt work. if there is a problem about mod, details must be in log. thx anyway.
  2. parabellum06

    the game shuts down during advance...

    unfortunately i removed the mod and im about to try new ones until u come with a solution. i really love the aslain mod and i wanna keep up to use it but crashes on advance affect my game in a bad way. i hope the first log will be enough to solve the problem.
  3. parabellum06

    the game shuts down during advance...

    it didn't work. i updated the mod today. i joined advance of my clan. first match everything was ok. but the game crashed in the loading screen of second match. i started the game, wot, in safe mod and everything was ok. now im sure the problem cause from aslain mod. do you have any solution or i have to change or remove the mod. thanks.
  4. parabellum06

    the game shuts down during advance...

    any solution aslain?
  5. hey aslain. i have a problem and idk is it about the mod. i can play in random without any problem, everything is ok but when i decided to play in my clan's advance matches, the game, wot, shuts down from time to time. there is no pattern, it's not happening constantly but just happens in advance. (once in a day maybe) what do you think? ps: i updated the mod after the first time but it happened again. ps2: there is just your mod in my pc. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip

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