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  1. People, if you haven't already tried, try pressing F1 during a battle or whenever you wish to chat during a battle. I've had this problem for some time now, with different mods before update and now with this one too, but whenever it appears, F1 button(and f1 again to close help) always solves it.
  2. Question about turning off stats in game

    All right, thank you for your quick reply :)
  3. I Turned off stats on xvm site, but still i have empty lines and percentage marks in game during loading screen, players panel and stats tab. I also deselected option for any stats in mod pack, but still its showing empty stats. Is there are way for tab score board and loading screen to be like totally basic like game? All the rest mods are I selected are fine :) I attached some random screenshot from the game where you can see empty lines on score board. Oh and i also forgot - when i turned off all stats from xvm site, clan icons are not showing for me anymore, and I'd like to see icons from top 50 or top 100 clans w/e I selected :) _Aslain_logs.zippython.log
  4. Thanks a lot Aslain, this fixed everything :) There is only 1 thing i noticed - on loading screen, opponent team has different font of tank names than my team which isn't like it was before, but of course this isn't urgent nor i mind it so when you have time :) Here's a screenshot _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  5. I don't always post something on this forum, but when I do, I make sure its a bug report. First of all check screenshots of loading screen and when TAB is pressed. Its totally wrong and different from what was selected in installer. on TAB screenshot it should only show number of battles, wn8 and total win percentage and tank names like on loading screen, and on loading screen, opponent side doesn't show tank names like it does on my side.. anyway i just update from .46 to .48 and this happened along with standard clean res mods folder and full clean install as i do after every update of modpack :) _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  6. all right this fixed the problem, thank you :)
  7. so with newest xvm update i got a problem with its default damage log (given damage) In attached screenshot you can see i shot 2 times, but in fact it was 2 different tanks and it doesn't stack it to down like it should...It's just counting all shots to 1 line like it shouldn't. python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  8. 4.0.21

    All right, I installed new update today and can confirm its fixed, it shows normal wn8 now. Thank you for your effort.
  9. 4.0.21

    All right thanks for taking your time and checking this :)
  10. 4.0.21

    sorry i forgot to upload the log files _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  11. 4.0.21

    Hi, In newest 4.0.21 update, in large players panel xvm is showing xwn8 instead of wn8...is this a bug or just an "option" because i really dont like seeing decimal number 59 xwn8 instead of normal 1500+ wn8 rating. It's the option: other xvm settings -> players panel -> large panel > simple panel #2 Also every time i update mod pack to newer version, I select clean full install and remove contents of dlc cache. Thank you in advance Best regarads