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  1. Fails to launch

    Updating to #02 appears to have fixed the issue, no crashes yet, and it loads properly!
  2. Fails to launch

    It's beyond me what's happening in this case then A fresh install of WoWS and the selected mods produced a failure to load in the same place again. It won't load for me, and it crashes for you... hmmm...
  3. Fails to launch

    I'll attempt a fresh install of everything and report back with what I find.
  4. Fails to launch

    Hello, With the most recent version ( when attempting to launch the game, I get stuck indefinitely at the loading screen. The only change from previous versions (which have been working fine) over the current install selection is the detailed damage meter, removing it from the install list still resulted in a failure to load at the same point. Everything works properly without mods installed. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip