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  1. MLP Pinkie Sense - Sixth Sense Icon and Sound

    Woot thanks.
  2. MLP Pinkie Sense - Sixth Sense Icon and Sound

    Thanks a bunch! Is there a way to change my username on this forum? Well I did create a new account (KatzeWolf), but just thought I'd ask.
  3. MLP Pinkie Sense - Sixth Sense Icon and Sound

    Hi Aslain, not sure if you still monitor old threads, but I wanted to ask if you could change the author of my Pinkie Sense (sixth sense mod) from The English German to KatzeWolf. I no longer go by the name The English German. If not, no biggie.
  4. Add HD tank remodel's

    Ah ok, well I wasn't saying use it without permission.
  5. Add HD tank remodel's

    https://milkym4n91.wordpress.com/ Tanks in HD like, E50, E75, 113, Centurion Mk 1, KV 2 FV215b Need I say more?
  6. GambitER 's Damage Log - LIGHT

    A version whit just the Log. No enemy tank info is displayed, no relode timer, no pop up message, just the amount of damage taken and shell type. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/413462-0914-gambiter-s-damage-log-english-v031/ I like not having the tank name that shot me, even tho its not spotted... feels very cheap to me. Would be awesome if you added this, OR, add a version to your config with no tank names or reload. I do like the pop up, as long as there is no tank name on it.
  7. MLP Pinkie Sense - Sixth Sense Icon and Sound

    I didn't like the first one so I drew a new one. it is now ready to be added.
  8. MLP Pinkie Sense - Sixth Sense Icon and Sound

    Thanks, I have removed the download for now while I fix a problem I just seen. I'll re upload it in about 8 hours.
  9. MLP Pinkie Sense - Sixth Sense Icon and Sound

    Thanks, do you credit mod authors? I can't remember is you do or not. If you do, can you credit "The English German" for this mod? It is my main account but I am getting an error and can't do anything on the account. Also, good thing you might add it tomorrow, I might make some changes. Thanks again.
  10. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B960CiJq33MkLXNDS2xIWW5GUXc This is a mod I made for myself, but I thought other people might be interested in it. For anyone who doesn't watch the show, Pinkie Pie has a "Pinkie Sense", her tail twitches when something is about to fall from the sky. I thought it fitting for a Sixth Sense Icon. It would be cool if it was added to the mod pack :) If not if anyone wants to download it, its attached. Pinkie Sense.rar