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  1. Ombromondo

    Automatic update

    Hi, I wanted to know if you ever thought of making sure that your mod would update automatically without having to connect, download the file and install again. Many people I know for this reason do not use it. Bye thank you
  2. Ombromondo

    Number Battle

    Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Having a number that explains why that player makes them trivial mistakes allows you to give up many situations of verbal abuse. As you say then go just for fun ... you know, I do not think you do not have the impulse to insult someone on certain occasions. But this impulse could be stopped just if you know you're dealing with a newbie. Also if you see a very good team that maybe tells you: "Guys try to do so", certainly take more into account his suggestion. Perhaps it could be that when you go into battle, at last some strategy can work. However it is a MOD that if you want to select it or not.
  3. Ombromondo

    Number Battle

    Yes, this is true, but it is not always the case, in the long run experience makes a certain difference.)))
  4. Ombromondo

    Number Battle

    Hi Alsan. Would it be possible to add to the box that the number of total battles played by a player is loaded at the start of the game? This is to understand if I'm dealing with a newbie, with an average expert or a super-expert? In my opinion it would not be as bad as the mod can be recalled as always with the TAB key. To make you understand better I uploaded a jpg. Thank you PS: of course you could only do with the ship you are playing, but that value does not give you exact information against who you are playing. In short, from one who has made 25 total battles compared to one who has made 1000 you will not have to wait long. This, in my opinion, could also change the homicidal attitudes that are read in the chat. I mean, if I know I'm playing with someone who has 25 battles, I will not insult him because he's clearly inexperienced.
  5. Ombromondo

    Mod for Trainig Room

    Ah OK. I did not know. Thank you
  6. Ombromondo

    Mod for Trainig Room

    Hi Aslan A couple of proposals that I think are useful for the TR, now that WG has changed it. 1) Put 2 buttons chosen: Activation of Ships and Armaments Activation (as you will now know WG has removed the choice) 2) Put the possibility of being a Spectator, a selection that allows you not to use the ship or something (in this way those who want to look for strategic points on the map can flutter wherever they want) I do not know if you are possible but I find them useful. Hello Thank you
  7. Ombromondo


    Actually I installed the mods, then since that error message came out that you saw, I uninstalled everything that was there. Then I'll write to you, so maybe the log now tells you that there's nothing.
  8. Ombromondo


    OK. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  9. Ombromondo


    Hello Aslan, this morning I downloaded the update of WG and then I downloaded your mod. Now I do not know if it's a WG or mod problem, so I'll point it out. The problem that gives me is the following that will show you in the image. Thanks for your help translated with google transalte

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