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  1. return33

    Add clan icon

    server: EU clan name: The Church of RNGesus clan tag: [CORNG]
  2. return33

    Yet antoher Zoom Out mod

    Seems to be working great. THX
  3. return33

    Yet antoher Zoom Out mod

    Hi, it seems the new port camera killed YAZOM and its the only mod that i really need to play (CV player). I allready tried to find the correct settings in the cameras.xml myself but its a very, very long list of setting if you dont know what you are looking for ;-) Is there any fix coming? Really looking forward to it.... Regards return33
  4. return33

    Yet antoher Zoom Out mod

    i can only hand you the link to some old version if this helps? http://www.modsworldofwarships.com/0-5-4-2-yet-another-zoom-mod/ the old forum topics on WG all seem to be gone.
  5. return33

    Yet antoher Zoom Out mod

    Its in the new release so i guess its fixed. Will check after work. Thx!

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