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    Port Issue

    Note - I have not attached any log info per the how to report a bug info as I don't have any issues playing the game with the mod's installed. Therefore I don't think this is needed. If it is I will add it. The issue I am experiencing is port (background) related. When I load some of the custom ports everything is fine and they are there and the game works fine. However, when I log out of the game the next time I come back that selected custom Aslain's port gets swapped to the Twitch port every time. I don't use all the custom ports but have tested the ones I do use and the results are... Retains custom port at next login: Hamburg Advanced Lighting Arpeggio Chinese Snow Dragon Swaps/defaults to Twitch port at next login: Murmansk Riposte Submarine Hub Black Sea Anniversary Dry Dock Stormy Again, all of the custom ports listed above will load and function properly with the game running and the game plays/functions fine with them selected. The issue is the ports in the second list do not get retained as your selected port the next time you log back into the game. It is defaulting to the Twitch port for me on all but 2 of the Aslain's ports I use. This has been happening since WOWS game update 7.9.0 and has continued through 7.9.1.
  2. AdmiralThunder

    Camo Tool For Roma

    Not sure if this would be possible but if it is PLEASE offer this. On the new Premium Italian Battleship Roma it has 2 camo's. A normal Type 10 and then the hideous, disgusting, and nauseating Kobayashi-Roma camo with that ridiculous beer can. The bonuses from the Kobayashi camo though are amazing. So I would love to be able to have the Kobayshi camo mounted but have it show the regular Type 10 Roma camo. I know there is a mod out there to hide the beer can but the rest of the camo is almost as bad. It all needs to go in favor of the more pleasing standard Roma camo. If possible...please...please...please.
  3. AdmiralThunder

    Hide ships in port

    Yes to this ^^^. It is one of the reasons I signed up on this site so I could post requesting this. I have a lot of ships I don't/won't play that clutter up my port. I would like the ability to hide individual ships. Maybe have a decommissioned list they can be added to/removed from and when on it they are hidden. Thank you.

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