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  1. positive I made a positive rating of the MOD in MOD HUB. I asked my colleagues in our small clan to do the same (NA Server). I humbly request everyone here to do the same for kindness. Thank you so much (Aslain is the best for me!). Best regards and God bless you
  2. =S.K.U.L.L=

    UI Scale Mod

    0.85 test done on 42 inch monitor 1920x1080 (perfect). Thank you so much.
  3. =S.K.U.L.L=

    UI Scale Mod

    Thanks a lot and i will check next updates, changlogs, etc. Best regards and GOD bless you.
  4. =S.K.U.L.L=

    UI Scale Mod

    Im testing UI inteface scaling and sometimes change 1.0 to 0.75 for purposing. It is possible someone post 0.85, 0.90 and 0.95 or guide to "how i can edit"?

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