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  1. I've been using this mod for awhile and I do pay attention on British BBs and IJN DDs. Now I see only the Kagero with the skin, and in earlier updates the Orion. Some ships have their artillery "cleaned" but not the hulls. If it does work for others is there a setting I have to put the game on, and is the Ambient Occlusion mod compatible with this?Screenshots with the mods equipped: Akatsuki (cleaned weapons only), Kagero (reskinned), Shimakaze (torp tubes only), Orion (guns only) (P.S. Mods you can move this post to a similar topic if you can)
  2. Extended Tech Tree

    1. Which "He" were you referring to? 2. So the modified Vertical one is ok right?
  3. Extended Tech Tree

    1. That's fine. Is Masaru's mod ok though? (since it has no historical symbols) 2. Is there a way to not put in historical symbols for Isamu's?
  4. Extended Tech Tree

    Another minor request to change "Heavy Cruiser" to "Armored Cruiser" to fit the CA abbreviation used in chat if the mod is implemented
  5. Extended Tech Tree

    They're old though, back from 0.5-ish http://www.modsworldofwarships.com/techtree-redux-0-5-4-0/ http://www.modsworldofwarships.com/0-5-2-1-masarus-techtree/ I see no link to them in 0.7 or recent And I'm not sure how branches would work out, i.e. for IJN and Russian DDs, upcoming USN CLs, and possibly IJN Converted CV splits
  6. Extended Tech Tree

    I know there's a tech tree mod in the Aslains pack but is it possible to implement these other tree mods? One re-sorts the ship type order and adds Battlecruisers, Light/Heavy Cruisers (Masaru), and another does the tree horizontally (Don't know that creator).