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  1. Austin8585

    Account Manager?

    Would like to see this one added back if possible. I have 3 accounts so I used it alot, I searched the forums and couldn't find any information about why it was removed from the pack or if it is coming back. Was this one of the mods that had to be removed cause it contained malware? Thanks Aslain for all you do!
  2. Austin8585

    Mark of Excellence information

    I saw this was removed from the latest 1.0.6 update but would love to have it back. I've kind of got addicted to it. It said it was bugged but it was working fine for me, or at least pretty close (within a .5%) in the last version I had which was 1.0.4. Also would love to see the reticule's updated! -Thank you for all the hard work Aslain!
  3. So I submitted a ticket to WG to have the actions reversed and here is what they said. Basically, if you are using this "auto equip camo" mod and it steals your gold, You are screwed! Fuck WG can't refund me 600 gold back after I have spent over $200 on their game. Makes me not want to spend any more, I can tell you that! Thanks for writing back. I understand your request to reverse the action that was not intended. I'll be glad to explain this further. Regrettably, per our policy, we cannot rollback any in-game actions or operations on accounts, even if they were accidents. There are a few instances involving transactions with real currency (Dollars or Gold) where this general policy does not apply; unfortunately, this is not one of them. We ask that each player take responsibility for their accounts and inventories. We urge you to use caution when conducting transactions in-game, as the vast majority of them are irreversible. We understand that making mistakes can be frustrating; however, we're unable to grant you an exception to our refund policy in this case. For further clarification on our refund policy and to learn what situation will and will not qualify you for one, please visit our Knowledge Base here: What are Exceptions and How Do They Work? For real money purchases, please see this article on refunds: Can I get a refund for my Premium shop purchase? I appreciate your understanding and should you have any question, please don't hesitate to visit our FAQ's.
  4. Yeah I actually saw that before I posted, but nobody had posted about that mod using their gold without warning, so a little different issue but related to same mod. Maybe it needs a little more development, especially with an option to not auto re-arm using your gold to re-arm without warning you! And I can tell you that having the Gold locker on does NOT help with this issue. I had it locked and when I switched tanks it literally "Ching" took it with no warning or log of anykind, popup etc. There one second, 300 gold gone the next.
  5. I am using the "auto equip camo" mod and it is allowing Gold to be used from my account. Even with the Gold locker Locked, it still took gold from my account. I have 2 WOT accounts, one for me, one for my son, it has done this on both and we are using same option. I realized I had 30 of the same camo, and with the use of this mod I could sell some for $10k each so I did. I sold all but 6 of each kind, that way I could jump between 2 tanks if I wanted. BUT, somehow I guess if I load the game, and it has an issue loading that camo onto the tank it just BUYS it for you using your GOLD. There is no popup, there is no warning, it just wham takes it. It did it before my eyes while I was trying to figure this out. I even had the LOCK on the gold thing and it Chink took it, 300 of it. I submitted a ticket to wargaming and they confirmed it and said that they show that camo was purchased. Major Bug here!! This is from them: Hello Rocket75_OK, Thank you for contacting Wargaming Support! We understand that you lost 300 Gold in the game. Upon further investigation, we found that you purchased camos for your Challenger, as shown in the logs below: 2018-03-08 22:59:38 (2018-03-08 14:59:38) Rocket75_OK Buy Challenger (U.K., ID: 14161) -150 0 0 0 0 3 Customization 2.0 item. Camouflage ""Trimmed spots" camouflage (ID: 15508)" --- 2018-03-08 22:59:38 (2018-03-08 14:59:38) Rocket75_OK Buy Challenger (U.K., ID: 14161) -150 0 0 0 0 3 Customization 2.0 item. Camouflage "Winter two-tone camouflage (ID: 15510)" --- We hope the information that we provided helped. Please let us know if there's anything else. Happy tanking!
  6. Austin8585

    Winrate not showing up in-game

    -Got it working, but only if I choose the 1st box, the one that you said interfered and that's why it doesn't stay checked. If I check any other of the other boxes under other xvm stuff, to enable visual winchance etc, then nothing appears. For what it's worth. So rather than re-install I am just using that 1st box only to give me the Winchance rate, or it won't work.
  7. Austin8585

    Winrate not showing up in-game

    I know, I have literally dragged and dropped everything, tried different dmg panels at the top to make sure it wasn't being covered up etc, but NOTHING will make it appear! Here is a screen I am truly stumped...
  8. Austin8585

    Winrate not showing up in-game

    Log attached, thanks for looking into! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. Austin8585

    Winrate not showing up in-game

    It's almost as if something is preventing it from appearing. What would make the winchance not appear? I even re-installed the latest XVM version thinking that might help, nope.
  10. When I say winrate I mean the battle chance winrate, my winrate and others are showing, I realize that may have been unclear in title.. Been using this mod pack for awhile, everything was working. Updated to latest version and now I cannot get the Winrate showing up in game. All the other mods are working, WN8, stats etc, but Winrate will not show up. It was working previous to this. On the XVM site I cannot find "enable winrate" but all the boxes are checked in settings. Is there something I am missing somewhere? I have spent over 2 hours trying things (before I came in here to post) but cannot get it to show up at all. Done about 15 battles trying various things (removing mods, re-enabling, trying the different WN8 display options etc). -Under Non-XVM Hitlogs>Show Team WN8 on the battle interface {WITH EKSPOINT AD} I have tried all 4 options there "Team WN8 + Winchance, Graphical Winchance", but NONE of them show the winrate. -Everytime I open up the mod-pack, everything that I checked last time is checked EXCEPT that box "Show Team WN8 on the battle interface" in >Other XVM settings; it is Always unchecked. Even if I put a check in it, finish the install, and then re-open Aslains it is un-checked again. Shouldn't it still be checked like the other options I have? -Have removed all mods and re-installed Aslain's fresh. Is there some option I am missing as to why nothing I do will get the winrate to appear? I just can't seem to find it. *Would really like to get this working again, have literally tried everything I can find before I came here and posted. Thanks for taking the time to read and any help!

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