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  1. After the latest updates, the problem i solved
  2. Hi, when I play SH and Advance the battle results window is missing. It also missing in the notification center. In random battle there is no problem. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Fido_Win

    Crew return default

    Yes I understand, but maybe you could make it, so it was possible to choose it check or unchecked in the installer.
  4. Fido_Win

    Crew return default

    Yes i know, but when i install the new version, it is unchecked again. And I have to manually check it again, for every tank. Now, when i have installed the mod pack, i open hangar.xc in the tekst editor and change it to true. But if it was possible to choose that it defalt was check, wpold be nice :-)
  5. Fido_Win

    Crew return default

    Would it be possible to make a option in the installer, so crew auto return is marked "true" in hangar.xc Now i have to manually open the file, every time I have run the installer, and change the value from false to true. It would be nice, if it could be mannaged from the installer.
  6. Fido_Win

    Low FPS (SOLVED)

    Thanks, it worked
  7. Fido_Win

    Low FPS (SOLVED)

    When using the newest modpack, I have only 35 FPS in game :-( No problems, when loading the game in safe mode. Some times with the mods, when the game starts, the loading screen dont disapear, and you can only see moving on the minimap. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip

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