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    YAZOM issue

    Taking the latest version in that topic (7.1 alpha) works perfectfor YAZOM. As for the no rust mod: Clemson, Mahan, Benson, Fletcher, Gearing, Missouri, Fiji, Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth, King George V, Conqueror, Giulio Cesare, Perth, New Mexico, Montana (rental), Minsk, Grozovoi (rental), Fushun, have rust (of the ships I own, didn't look on every tree). For the American BBs I looked up the line, looks like they are just missing the hull parts, the guns and superstructure look super clean. I also have some ships (that have particular skins) on which camos don't seem to show up, and most others camos show up. I'm not running any other camo/skin mod other than the no rust mod.
  2. Aryemis

    YAZOM issue

    Hello, I have an issue with the Yet Another Zoomout Mod (or so I assume). So the issue I am having is that when using my mods, Zooming out one tick (when playing ships with slow shells like atlanta), zooms out ALOT more than before. It's like it does two zoom out ticks instead of one. Tried in safe mode, the zoom ticks work normally, but it seems to me Wargaming may have removed alot of zoom ticks, now you only have 3 in complete binocular mode (before you start seeing your own ship) wheras before we had more, maybe 5. That may be the issue. I am assuming this is because of the YAZOM, since it's the only zoom mode I use. Also, was testing out the no rust skins for the first time and they weren't working on most of my ships. The only ship I noticed it working on was Hindenberg. There was already a post about this, and I have since then uninstalled it so it won't be in the log. Thanks Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip

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