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  1. Coffee111

    WoW Modpack "Virus" Browser Hijacking

    It is because nothing is free, to upload a file or whatever without paying, whoever owns that website thats letting people upload is going to try and sell you stuff , or trick you, into clicking stuff you dont need to click because thats how they get money and thats how uploading stuff without playing for it works, so generally there is a billion ads and pop ups and fake DL buttons and all that jaz to get the most of our their site. i just click the direct link, lol
  2. basically, i dunno anything about mods and scripts and ..exe whatchumacallits , or forums, i dunno if i'm supposed to start a new whatever this is or not, BUT, i dunno what i did but i've done something to the modpack, i exited game, to change my mods a little and it wont work anymore anyways, uhh i get a message now, when i tried to install the 9.22.0_06 it says "Attention: unsuitable version of the installed client detected" installer meant for version 9.22.0 and then it has a fatal error when i try and play the game, it says no resmod folder was found , i dunno what that means, it was working fine one day and then i used some kind of mod cleaning app that was in the modpak and now everything is jacked up, i tried uninstalling but i guess it leaves bits of itself all over the hard drive and i dunno how to deal with that stuff ...so i guess i'm asking what i should do ..like if you were an idiot how would you fix this thing i did to his modpack, whatever it was

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