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  1. Thanks so much for the fix & all the hard work you put in.
  2. sorry. what a mess up. here is the correct log plus a screenshot showing the carryover ribbons. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip didn't know how to show that I wasn't able to move the timer in the middle or right click the ship icons since neither respond when my mouse is over them.
  3. Hope this help. *side note I have used this mod in other packs and it works fine. thus the reason I reported it since I only had the issue with your installer. I used ModPack ProShips which has this mod and didn't experience the issue. Also, I was unable to move the in-game counter that comes with this mod. it just reminded of when the mods broke for everyone when you were unable to move stuff around like the 'Compact carousel extended' was a few weeks back. Just seemed like the (BADoBEST) mods have had this issue where you were unable to move them on screen or interact with them. Which this 'Class Panel' is one of his.
  4. Just wanted to point out that the 'Class Panel: New' still seems to be broken. *Broken Parts* • Ability to Rightclick on the player's name to (commend, report...etc). • Ribbons are still going [left to right] rather than [top to bottom]

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