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  1. "Primary crew is not set" and "Primary crew is already set" are very similar and we read 3 words before the difference shows up in the 4th word. In the age of Google, when we scan everything, peoples reactions would be quicker if the difference was in the first 2 words. Perhaps change message to "Crew marked as primary" instead of "Primary crew already set". Thanks for looking.
  2. Can a menu option be added "Return Commander to its Primary (Regular) Ship"? When I play a Premium ship I end up in port seeing this commander still in the ship. I wouldn't even know its the programming is possible, but it would be nice to click and have my Commander returned to the ship where it is Primary. Now I have to select the other ship and click on "Get Primary Crew Back". Thanks for looking.
  3. Thank you. Wargaming says average age for the player base is 42. So half your customers need glasses. Bigger options, for all mods, will always be welcome.
  4. Can you add a 'Don't Set as Primary Crew' option, please? Most of my Premium ships I borrow the Commander from another ship. So it always displays the "Primary crew is not set" menu option. Its always asking me to do something. I would like the chance to 'not frighten me to death' every time I see it is not done. Thank you.
  5. Thank you. Wargaming says average. So half your customers need glasses. Bigger options will always be welcome.
  6. Double the size as an option would also be welcome for those of us that wear reading glasses. Also upscaling the UI did not work out for me. And did not solve the too similar to background colour problem.
  7. The coloured Win Rate is very hard to read on the Ship Carousel. Some flags and Win Rates are nearly the same colour. Can you put a White background on the characters? Instead of transparent like now. Subtitles can be hard to read for the same reason. Mod is cool, thanks. PS. The regulation zip files did not seem needed here.
  8. Regen Assistant shows only the hit points recoverable for UK DD the Jutland. It is missing the icon and max hit points. This makes it difficult to know when to use it. All other ships seem to be working fine. I suspect the Jutland and Daring are missing from the list of ships this mod works with. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  9. When choosing a Camo can the tool-tip stats be displayed for all camos all the time? This will make picking the best one for a task/mission easier. I would like to see XP, CommaderXP, Free XP. Credits and Service cost savings could also be included if required. Some tasks credits are important, other time Free XP is. Sometimes new camos are added that have better stats. To save me mousing over them all the time can we have a mod to overlay the stats on each camo? Or simple (maybe) version could display a text list next to camo panel? Thanks for looking.
  10. Confederate achievement is 30% of the enemy hip points and damage at least 4 ships. Can the 30% HP value be added to the Team HP Bars mod? I don't know if it would be distracting or useful when you are in a high scoring game. But to already have the math done would be helpful, thanks.
  11. The reason for my post. Awesome, post and a get a fix straight away. People could get used to that kind of service.
  12. Thank you. These mods are free to me. I am grateful for all the work done by many talented people so I can use them. PS. I was not asking for an overnight fix on day one. It has been a while and could not find another thread about these so I made one.
  13. Gold icons artwork is missing for the Main Battery Reload Booster from: Golden Premium Consumable Icons Red icons artwork is missing for the Main Battery Reload Booster from: Red Normal Consumable Icons Seems the mod developers have not yet added this to the game. Thanks.
  14. Change ingame screen resolution, move chat position. Set original resolution, locate chat where needed. All works. There is still a small no-go area around the H key icon default position. PS. Deleting preferences.xml would have worked. I just did not want to redo all my ship settings. Thanks.

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