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  1. Modern war sound mod

    a while ago i used to have the Modern war sound files, they sounded great and had good ambiance etc. i still have the files how do i insert them and would they even still work. there is another file aswell but it requires another post Modern-War-Sound-Mod-Ambient-v.3.2.1-by-Quadro7F.zip Modern-War-Sound-Mod-Weapons-v.3.2.1-by-Quadro7F(1).zip
  2. TD Tracers

    everyone agrees the new graphics are great and the trees seem to give better cover for TD,s. my question is why to the TD,s camping in the bush not send out tracers when they fire?? ( arty does ) if WG did this it would enable blind fire of TD,s and be more realistic perhaps??