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  1. hi! not an issue with the mod but I have 2 visible damage logs. I just want the XVM log plus the damage/block/spot totals, how do I disable the other one? Do I need to unselect everything in the game options or what? There's like 20 checkboxes or so for game events. thanks for help!
  2. Rittmeister

    Display Tiers in Battle Results MOD

    thank you, very nice. there seems to be a file problem on our server tho:
  3. Rittmeister

    Display Tiers in Battle Results MOD

    Preview from Webium's modpack installer available here if you need to find the mod "Tiers in Battle results". link to modpack if u need to inspect it https://www.mywotmods.com/en/mods/mod-packs/item/10-webium-s-mods-pack#download
  4. hi Aslain, and thanks for your great modpack. I've been previously using Webium's modpack but switched to yours because of your quicker update cycle. I'm missing one mod tho, which displays Tiers for all tanks in the Results screen. Maybe the mod is already part of your modpack and I just didn't see it, but if not, I would love you to include it. I don't know the name of the mod or any URL for it tho. thanks

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