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  1. Gremlinofaus

    Hard freeze, mid-game

    Hi Aslain, I have been battling the same issue ever since the major WOT update. I have only run in full screen mode. I have tried fresh WOT installation and loaded your mod pack with only minimal mods IE Harpoon Mini, and 3 tier carosell, NO XVM settings but still crashed. The crashes are random and can happen either during battle or simply navigating through the garage windows. When they occur there is a black screen with white top but you can hear sounds. There is now method I have found to exit WOT without logging off or total system reboot. Strange thing is, since the last crash I tried a new fresh install and played without issue last night for around 10 battles and quite a bit of garage navigation. I will attach the archive from the crash in the hope is shows you something useful. Your efforts are absolutely magnificent. Thank you. **** Further to the above**** I have noticed while playing in Borderless window mode, which incidentally allows continuous play, that there is often a message on top of the screen "Wot Client (Not Responding). It happens going to and from battle and even when selecting a different tank. It may be related. Gremlinofaus Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe

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