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  1. Ress

    Climbing Mod

    That mod in video is tank trajectory mod aka pathfinder/navigator mod. There are few "free" claimed versions on net, but not sure if legit/legal.
  2. Ress

    Marks of Excellence Extended

    Well spoter claims you can still use custom config but i must disagree, there is issue with new alt message since version 5. If you select use config and put same message and alt message you will still have issues when you press alt in game.A) MoE will disappear B) entire UI will crash. You can edit background,font,shadow...but as soon as you touch battle message you will have issues. Also pissed me of.
  3. Ress

    Tree trunks are missing

    I mention it in chat, few days ago latest 18.7.1 drivers (Asus RX560/Win7_64). Tried tweaking driver settings and graphics in game, no help. Even checked game files, just in case i corrupted something while messing with stuff, no help. Guess only option remaining is clean uninstall 18.7 and rollback to 18.6. EDIT:Just did clean uninstall and put v18.6.1 back, works fine So temp solution: avoid 18.7.1 drivers and use 18.6.1 or older, and hope that next 18.8/18.9 drivers will fix the issue
  4. Ress

    Melty SPG mod

    You should be able to change it with ease, all you need is: -.swf decompiler/editor (ffdec is enough) - link -archiver for .wotmod (7zip/winrar/...) - you should already have it -hex,aarrggbb... color picker - link File you wanna edit inside ffdec is strategicCrosshair.swf inside .../mods/<version>/crosshair_strategic.wotmod (extract it) [MAKE BACKUP OF crosshair_strategic.wotmod JUST IN CASE] once you open it inside ffdec if there is popup warning about assets required from another .swf you can safely ignore it (no to all) in this case. You can look at frames to get preview of file you wanna edit/replace (text/.png), in your case is simple text color change. gff in this case you have to replace simple hex color code inside texts DefineEdit34 for reload (but if you wanna edit DefineEdit27 for low ammo i believe, you need to replace with argbhex color code) Click edit, change color, save changes. All unsaved .swf edits will become bold, save .swf Close ffdec Then just zip it back to .wotmod..make sure strategicCrosshair.swf is back inside res\gui\flash folders. 7zip example:Right click res folder add to archive, pick zip format,compression level store only and name it crosshair_strategic.wotmod.zip Once you compress it simply remove .zip extension (crosshair_strategic.wotmod) and put file back inside WoT/mods/<verson> Should work without problems, if somehow you mess something simply roll backup and try again. Hope this helps.
  5. Ress

    XVM colors changed

    Last edit on mod_chat_color.py macro was made on Feb 6, 2017. (also original author is offline since October 2017) Maybe xvm changed something about dynamic coloring, since it imports some xvm stuff maybe this mod/macro needs an update. Not python expert so idk, but that's my guess. Maybe someone more experience in that field can figure it out. https://gist.github.com/Tey/7aff5cb5d7caaa7f49ee820887675eb5#file-mod_chat_color-py https://bitbucket.org/XVM/xvm/src/350a31ea1370594ca22647a665fbb6f3cbc04154/release/configs/py_macro/?at=default
  6. Ress

    XVM colors changed

    What a bummer, i guess replacing chat.xc colors with wotlabs 10 colors for people that use 10 colors is out of question then. (it will mess up colors for ppl that use 6 colors )
  7. Ress

    XVM colors changed

    We talk about [Other XVM Settings] Colorize in-battle chat ? If so, just installed it and checked config for chat.xc, at first glance i think "customColors": true, should be false. But i could be wrong.
  8. reserved (just in case)
  9. I did used wizard's icons, yaya's edit more (cuz of darker outline and auto loader indicator). But i got tired of flashy class color rainbows. So that's why i flipped colors. (class <-> background) > Still those look great in my opinion. Don't think much can be done about them on current config, aside from USA emblem.(my idea to fix was create separate nation style for each nation, so its possible to fine tune each nation)
  10. Ohh look! No more corruption, must be magic. Jokes aside i must agree font looks better now, cleaner. On this image everything looks corrupted (those are my pro paint skills), in game looks fine (cracking usa icon is normal).
  11. Oh right nation icons, found them. I borrowed them from DEbranded's carousel/techtree icons pack. Here Images.7z
  12. Download: XVM debugPanel configs (Pack2).7z Configs: v5 - originally by ZAYAZ v6 - originally by Locastan v7 - originally by J1mB0 v8 - originally by Lenya69
  13. I know, used .dds from TIM at first, it was less chopped, but blurry (of course .png looked better). Then i read on forum suggestion to use CCAtlas to fix .dds atlases.So i started saving battleAtlas & vehicleAtlas with CCAtlas. In TIM save separate icons then extract Atlases from game in CCAtlas, move/replace extracted icons with TIM icons and then compile again in CCAtlas as .dds at 4k. Turns out hell of a flipping back and forth, for nothing.Less blurry, still corrupted/chopped as hell. Anyway thanks for help, gonna try it when i cool off a little.
  14. You got to be kidding me, that simple fix? I read all about 1.0.0 issues with maker and saving with CCAltas in .dds (to avoid low quality on atlases), but nowhere about that trick. Well, guess i have to download maker again and get nation icons back, if i can remember where i borrowed them from.
  15. Discontinued After using icons for few weeks i got bored of low quality on nation icons or even corruption on corner stripes on some icons, at the same time too lazy to fix it or don't know how. They appear just fine in maker, but when i save/convert them with CCAtlas in dds (4096x4096) and put them in game they look like s***. Here is icon maker profile if anyone can scavenge anything useful from it...I'm done. TankIconMaker_profile_v03.xml Images.7z

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