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    Those logs are 3 months old (v1.0.2.2/xvm7.6.8). Do you have multiple wot clients installed? try clearing cache & logs with WMCleaner or manually re-activate xvm, play few games, generate new logs
  2. Ress

    Game Crashes when trying to play

    Every update, same story... over and over. (and every time ppl act like its something new) Short answer: If you can't stand crashes, don't use xvm. Its still early for stable version, and they are still fixing those crashes. Give it at least one more week.
  3. Ress

    What cross hair?

    ...it is mod. Standard+
  4. Ress

    What cross hair?

    To me, looks like vanilla+ (standard plus) With these settings:
  5. Ress

    [1.2.0] LegionLost Carousel Tanks

    side note: only tank characteristics changed for those tanks, they still have PMM https://youtu.be/xS9L3gbyzW8?t=80
  6. Ress

    removed: Personal Missions Helper

    @Aslain I just checked WGMods/izeberg version. link Played few replays, doesn't appear to be working every time. Maybe mod doesn't work very well with 2nd campaign.No errors inside log, but only mission header works.
  7. Ress

    Can someone make a Borg sound mod

    Out of date event names list (0.9.15): http://cdn-frm-eu.wargaming.net/wot/eu/uploads/monthly_06_2016/post-528324140-0-74342300-1467265231.txt Only "camo" on this list (if that is camo net equip) is: damaged_modules.bnk 1290173500 camo_net_start damaged_modules.bnk 1584417168 camo_net_stop damaged_modules.bnk is inside audioww-part2.pkg, maybe you can scrap some info from there. Have list sitting in my bookmarks, maybe you find something useful on it, or not... I was messing around with wwise, but gave up.(was trying to pull voice over part from modern war sounds) EDIT: Also on the list there are few battle_equipment_ events inside gui.bnk
  8. Ress


    Probably server side reticle
  9. Ress

    issue remain even after update

    Hmm...if everything was default after you put xvm, you didn't installed it correctly (simple as that). Still, reinstalling game multiple times? Doubt it will fix anything. Don't you think? (you said it yourself, default game works fine (after reinstall) Your issue really puzzles me.
  10. Ress

    issue remain even after update

    I didn't recommend you using exe version, but whatever. What you mean by "xvm is like don't install at all"? After you clear cache you have to go to xvm site (login with your wot account) and activate xvm again (notification about activate services is normal) Gonna assume you only have 1 copy/version of game client installed on your system, and you didn't manually move your game around (example:different partition) Correct? Also assuming that at first you did installed .zip version correctly and activate, you run into issues right after (no screenshot)? But your vanilla game works fine. Right? Somethings makes no sense, xvm only or modpack you will have same issue. (doubt issue is any of them) Your issues is something else... For example that screenshot showing issues with launcher connection error when checking integrity. (try skip to step 10, maybe post WoTLauncher.log) Even if you install modpack you might run into same issues you posted at the beginning, you already failed few checks before that part (and cycle repeats) Again, in your case doubt mods are the issue.
  11. Ress

    issue remain even after update

    Well you can go and check step by step. 01. Check if your drivers are up to date (doesn't hurt to check them all) 02. Remove all mods, clear cache and old logs (WMCleaner can help link) 03. Check game integrity & add game to firewall exception (both options inside WoT Launcher settings/support) 04. Run game (atm without any mods). Do you have any issues? 05. Go to https://modxvm.com/en/download-xvm/ download latest xvm.zip (for and extract/replace mods & res_mods (inside your wot folder) 06. Run game (activate xvm). Do you have any issues? (if so post python.log & xvm.log) 07. Repeat step 02. 08. Download and install Modpack (run as admin) 09. Run game (activate xvm). Do you have any issues? 10. Do you use any weird security software (antivirus, extra firewall)? Try disabling them for test purpose or add game to exception list. 11. Run game (as admin). Do you have any issues? (generate and post logs) side note: by "Run game" i mean play at least 1 game This is only i could think of for now...
  12. Ress

    issue remain even after update

    I believe its linked to this topic http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/11984-not-working/ Also this one on xvm forums https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/46460-xvm-statistics-in-battle-not-working/ Personally i can't see what the issue is here. As far i know he reinstalled modpack, reinstalled xvm, tried different xvm configs, running as admin, clearing preferences/cache, plus new game/xvm version today ...and still can't see statistics in game/battle +missing game elements? (i guess that's the issue) At this point maybe the issue is something game unrelated (OS, AV, drivers, hardware...) ?
  13. @ZoeBallz sadly they are linked together (little side effect). Hmm...If you can't see last hit (tank) on damage log, maybe try installing final shot mod as alternative? (it sticks on screen forever and shows direction) Or simply re-enable showPostmortemTips.
  14. If you are using XVM there is option for it, but u have to manually edit config file (with notepad++). inside res_mods/configs/xvm/Aslain/battle.xc change"showPostmortemTips": true, to "showPostmortemTips": false, This should be added to modpack, since options for battle hints are included.
  15. In future i plan on using this topic to share some XVM config parts or pieces of my own config. First on the list: info panels NOTE: Created and tested on 1920x1080, also with default XVM config in mind Quick install guide: 1) Copy .xc files and icons folder (if included) inside: res_mods/configs/xvm/<your config> folder 2) Add required formats: inside @xvm.xc and battleLabels.xc 3) Download extra .py (if required) inside: res_mods/configs/xvm/py_macro folder Setup on .py panels are: display duration: 3 sec / enabled on: allies, enemy & destroyed ALT: show player / Numpad 7: toggle on/off V0 - Minimal Info Panel (by Ress) (requires: only XVM, no extra py_macro) V1,V2,V3 - izeberg Info Panels (originally by Shtys) (Requires: infoPanel.py & info_panel_data.py (by Kotyarko_O - download link) V4 - masheene Info Panel (originally by Kriegstreiber) (Requires: infoPanel.py & info_panel_data.py) V5,V6 - ekspoint Info Panels (Requires: infoPanel.py & info_panel_data.py)
  16. Ress

    [1.2.0] XVM config parts (collection)

    Second on the list: miscellaneous stuff from my config (TeamHPPool, OTM, random stuff that someone might find useful...)  NOTE: Created and tested on 1920x1080, also with default XVM config in mind Quick install guide: 1) Copy .xc files and icons folder (if included) inside: res_mods/configs/xvm/<your config> folder 2) Add required formats: inside elements.xc and battleLabels.xc TeamHPPool (requires: only XVM, no extra py_macro) PerformancePanel (requires: mod_wn8_chance.py (by Tey - download link) & battleEfficiency.py (by Kotyarko_O - download link)
  17. In short, if you are on boot camp stage best to complete it without any mods. boot camp can me buggy, freezing, crashing...with many mods.
  18. Ress

    Battle Screen Ping and FPS

    xvm - yes, inside elements.xc add: "debugPanel": { "$delay": 100, "alpha": 0 } vanilla game - maybe...
  19. @irell Well i never had this issue, however i doubt it's xvm related this time around. Also using few mods you guys have installed. (also played 10 games today, after nano-patch) Only 2 mods that you and @nesquik have in common (and i don't use) are PMOD and No Fog + Max Far Plane. Maybe test it without them, until its confirm what's the issue?
  20. ...out of curiosity: 1) When this happens, do you have high ping or any lag indication? (did you add wot to firewall exception (launcher settings) 2) Did you try playing few games in safe mode? (just to verify that it might be mod related) 3) Did you update any drivers recently? (prior to issue maybe)
  21. Generate and attach logs.
  22. Ress

    Info Panel settings

    Well izeberg info panel is one of the mods that uses izeberg.modsettingsapi. The way settings for those mods are stored are different then poliroid.modslistapi mods for example. Usually when you install new mod that uses izeberg.modsettingsapi, it will reset setting to "default" for all mods that use it. There is no way to preserve settings (from config folder or some config file) like with some other mods. EDIT: I know, can be frustrating but you will get used to it. Also if you are to clear game cache, u will also reset izeberg.modsettingsapi settings (if i am not mistaken they are stored somewhere inside cache)
  23. -Well you have wot client v.1.1.0 #967 that's good. But for other logs you should have Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe inside wot folder, run it, it will create Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip file inside Aslains_Modpack folder.Post that .zip file EDIT: If you managed to install/run Aslains Modpack, if not Archiever.exe should be created anyway, i believe. How to report a bug or issue
  24. Ress

    Gun sounds error

    I guess you installed UT Announcer and old 0.9.13 gun sounds? Banks Loader can be tricky with too many sound mods (especially those that depend on audio_mods.xml) But banks loader improved recently, so should be easy enough to fix this popup. Anyway inside "...mods/1.1.0" you should now have two KK91_oldGunSounds_v1.1 files, if you started you game at least once. Original KK91_oldGunSounds_v1.1.wotmod and one created by banksloader as "compatible" KK91_oldGunSounds_v1.1_BanksLoader_ing.wotmod To avoid this popup you can: A) Safely delete original KK91_oldGunSounds_v1.1.wotmod inside "...mods/1.1.0" B) Delete both KK91_oldGunSounds_v1.1 and KK91_oldGunSounds_v1.1_BanksLoader_ing inside "...mods/1.1.0" BUT first extract wpn_old.bnk and wpn_old.xml from KK91_oldGunSounds_v1.1_BanksLoader_ing.wotmod (using 7zip, Winrar, Winzip...) and put them inside "...res_mods/1.1.0/audioww"

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