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    XVM Charging countdown timer.

    Not sure 100% what timer you are talking about exactly. If you need to adjust repair timers position on modules go to res_mods/configs/xvm/<config>/battleLabelsTemplates.xc (look on bottom up...) If you wanna move battle timer, start countdown, or consumables panel go to .../elements.xc ...be aware there's no config for those, you have to manually mess with elements and create new x,y for desired element. rough example: "elements": [ { "$delay": 100, "consumablesPanel": { "x": "100" "y": "100" } If you are planning to mess around with elements.xc you better check on official forum link for some useful tips. (make sure you have google translator installed ;)
  2. DISCLAIMER: Yes, those icons are heavily inspired by Wizard's Contour icons. In short, i was looking for similar but darker Wizard's like icons, but wasn't able to find any alternatives, so decided to create my own icons from scratch. DOWNLOAD todo list: Improve premium/special indicator Improve low quality/blurry nation icons Change log:
  3. Press ESC in hangar, since MoEE v5.00 settings are located in main menu.
  4. In general they should execute at the same time without much issues, at least for me they all work at the same time (still depends on the mod, i guess).
  5. Really depends about mod itself. There is possibility that for some mods you can't change/assign key at all. For some you can change keys in hangar settings, or manually edit their configs, if you are talking about xvm elements there is hotkeys.xc config for manual edit.
  6. Ress

    Mark of Excellence - mod customization

    Well, in that case new version 5.00 came out few days ago. My guess it will be added in modpack soon, little patience. Presets/styles got little overhaul (minimal,normal,maximum), also now you can change style in battle with alternate key and show more info onHold. Hope this helps. link (in case you can't wait for update)
  7. Ress

    Mark of Excellence - mod customization

    You know you can always edit battleMessage format with notepad++ inside config file ( mods\configs\spoter\marksOnGunExtended\marksOnGunExtended.json) and set it as you prefer right? example current percent only: "battleMessage": "<font size=\"18\">{c_battleMarkOfGun}</font>" example percent+current damage: "battleMessage": "<font size=\"18\">{c_battleMarkOfGun} {c_damageCurrent}</font>" example percent+current damage+status icon: "battleMessage": "<font size=\"18\">MoE: {c_battleMarkOfGun} {c_damageCurrent}</font><font size=\"16\">{status}</font>"
  8. Ress

    Directional Damage Indicator Exteded Time

    What about Auxilium? ...inside config set "DamageIndicatorDuration": to 14.0 ? That should work right? EDIT: if you don't wanna use Auxilium you should be able disable most of stuff anyway..and leave it bare bone with damage indicator part only. (at least that's what most of damage indicator mods have on wotsite)
  9. Ress

    Mini-Map range circles

    edit "res_mods/configs/xvm/<YOUR CONFIG>/minimapCircles.xc"
  10. Ress

    [Login Screen] How to change ?

    Pretty much what @Quaksen said. Plus all 36 images with original names must be created if you wanna disable original images or use single image as background, because game rotates all 36+ images randomly. So if you wanna use single image you have to create 36 copies of it with names Quaksen provided. On plus side you can have more then 36 images (50,100...), as long as you follow naming format ( back_NUMBER_without_sparks.png) As for resolution, 1920x1200 used to be best resolution for it, but tbh idk...cuz of black borders issue when using full screen image (that's why original images have fade in/out effects).
  11. Ress

    CircleCross crosshair

    Noticed that CircleCross is not in modpack, i used to use that crosshair in past as alternative to jimbo and vanilla white. Thought some people might like it so i decided to make request. link Sidenote: I think you might need to install 2 extra fonts (Cuprum regular+bold) if you are on windows7/8, or you will have white boxed instead of reload numbers.
  12. Ok, so yeah...it appears to be info panel. Haven't used that mod in ages, but some versions have left alt option (to show own info), forgot about those. btw you can always hold lctrl and mouse over each shell=profit?
  13. hmm...so basically damage log area? Usually xvm damage log and damage log mods use that hotkey. So its some sort of log mod then? that shows info about shell type and penetration of shell that hits you? You said long time ago, are you talking about old Multi hit log mod? that mod is outdated...but that mod didn't show penetration Don't think such mod exist these days. At least not under damage log mods, info about shell type sure, but actual pen of shell? ...no Only mods i can think of are info panel and received damage announcer, but not 100% accurate. (both inside Aslain's modpack) edit:I don't know...unless you are talking about your ammo/pen...maybe penetration indicator?
  14. Ress

    How do you get different reload event sounds.

    1. Get banks .bnk file you wanna sound from 2. Download bnk extractor link 3. Drag .bnk file on top bnkextr.exe (you should get extracted .wem files) 4. Download Divinity Sound Converter link 5. Copy/drag all extracted .wem files inside Divinity Sound Converter folder and run divinity_converter.exe (inside NUMBERED/NON-NUMBERED folder you will get .ogg converted files) 6. Now all you need to do is simply convert .ogg to mp3/wav and you are done (any converter should do it, i think even online converter link)
  15. Ress

    Team color

    The simple way, in game turn colorblind on, turn off XVM markers (markers.xc) and XVM minimap (minimap.xc). but if you wanna use XVM markers/minimap, you have to play around with colors.xc config and replace color for enemy team with violet/purple hex color. http://www.color-hex.com/color-names.html EDIT: res_mods/configs/xvm/<config>/colors.xc remember to save as UTF-8, if you use regular notepad to edit.
  16. Ress

    Extended Crew Mod info on Crew List

    CrewExpExtended v5.01 from wotsite still works just fine with and shows same stuff but different colors. by default: battles + exp required for 1% on mouse over: battles + exp to reach 100% Believe its the same version in Aslain's Modpack as well (under "Garage mods")
  17. As 98whiteMC pointed out, edit marksOnGunExtended.json file, best with notepad++ But first make backup of it, just in case if you somehow manage to corrupt your config while saving. in your case, you mostly care about "UI", "visible", "drag" and "y,x" position settings but you can also play around with "battleMessage" format. I attached some guidelines and my v4.09 config marksOnGunExtended.json
  18. Ress

    How to remove ''Spot Markers''

    Sure, but that disables all data sharing with your allies (those that use xvm and have XMQP enabled) including spotted indicators on markers when sixth sense go off (can be handy if you don't have sixth sense), also minimap drawing
  19. Ress

    How to remove ''Spot Markers''

    You can do it by manually editing XVM config. Go to res_mods/configs/xvm/<your_config>/playersPanel.xc (open with Notepad) First find (CTRL+F) enemySpottedMarker definition. looks like this: "enemySpottedMarker": { right bellow add: "enabled": false, So it looks like this: "enemySpottedMarker": { "enabled": false, Then do the same for xmqpServiceMarker (CTRL+F) "xmqpServiceMarker": { "enabled": false, When you are done don't just close save it, go Save As > name:playersPanel.xc > type:Text Documents.txt > Encoding UTF-8 > Save This is the most simple way, just toggle it off, so you don't have to edit every extraField for each panel by removing ${"def.enemySpottedMarker"}, you can just leave it.
  20. Ress

    High visibility map grid labels

    It was temporarily removed in v1.0.1 #00 it should return soon enough... hopefully
  21. Ress

    High visibility map grid labels

    I think you are talking about Wide border of maps mod. There is version with grid and square numbers on the ground. Or you talk about minimap? More visible minimap coordinates mod
  22. In previous versions there was config inside mods/config/oldskool/enemy_indicator.json but very limited and colorblind only so no color change. From current v1.0.1 modpack you only need: enemy_indicator, izeberg.modsettingsapi, poliroid.modslistapi (from mods) and modsSettingsApi.json (from config) you get few settings in game nothing special, if that's the only mod you wanna use... PS. enemy indicator is legit as long as it shows ONLY 1 detected enemy at a time... if you get version of indicator that shows like 3 or more with range and all... that's illegal
  23. Ress

    Sound issue with mods installed

    Maybe i can help? Checked your logs and noticed BanksLoader, think that's the issue here...at least with Gnomefather's Gun Sound (by Zorgane) I personally use BanksLoader, even SoundInjector and i did try experimenting using only Engine Sound mod (that use loader and injector) with Zorgane Gun Sound or Shimada's Gun Sound and i had same issues (missing engine sound) Same goes with UT Announcer (that use only loader) So my solution was to stop using sound mods that have custom scripts/configs inside res_mods or they create/edit audioww/audio_mods.xml OR remove mods that use BanksLoader and SoundInjector ATM my sound setup is: Gnomefather's Engine and Gun Sounds(by Fedor), UT Male Announcer(by Andre_V), Julie Voiceover and Reload "UP" Sound Hope this help?

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