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  1. Okay, are there any good tutorials on making your own dynamic crosshair?
  2. Bump? REally want a spiderweb on my nonogram.
  3. Thanks guys! That's really a good video. Still, I don't want to totally distract from my desire to be able to hit what I shoot at in game with a historical discussion.... And I still have the trouble of being able to predict lead.... or angle. So if I can get a buzz going here, maybe a helpful modder will help us(me) out.
  4. Hello all! I'm new to the game, and finding I'm really bad at gunnery. In my efforts to improve, I'm tried a number of crosshairs, from the normal dynamic, to some of the ones in the modpack. For pure lead, I very much like the default dynamic crosshair. I've played with the nongram, and intend to install it again, but I originally uninstalled it for taking up so much real estate. Now that I've learned the top numbers are for 30 knots and the bottom for 20, I want to try it again. Of course, the trouble is often that a ship is not moving exactly at 90 degree to my gunfire. To help aim there, I like to use the spiderweb crosshairs, which allow me to predict angle of travel so much better. For example, the dolphin crosshairs by mebius_lw. Were these dynamic, I would be most happy. Further, it seems I cannot install say multiple crosshairs off the modpack, to experiment with in game. I'd very much like to be able to say, install the dolphin, the nongram, and also two or three other crosshairs both dynamic and static, and select between them in game. Now, I've googled on this, and found several threads on the subject here and in other forums, but nothing ever seems to come of them. Are dynamic crosshairs that difficult to make? Is it terribly difficult to give us a selector for dynamic crosshairs in the same way we have selectors for static crosshairs? And last but not least............I have no idea how these guns were aimed back in the day, and perhaps I shall google on this to find out, but is it possible we could get historical aiming technique into the game?

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