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  1. Mad_Skunk

    Problem with the installer

    aha, sry, but u can find something there maybe
  2. Mad_Skunk

    Problem with the installer

    The problem is with the file name: isslideshow.dll_unleaded it from aslain /4
  3. Hi, try to click on Start then type "View reliability history". The Reliability Monitor window is arranged by dates with columns at the right representing the most recent days. You can see a history of events for the last few weeks, or you can switch to a weekly view. The column for each day shows events recorded for that day. Double clikc on any setup/Install column and it will shouw u the problem.
  4. Mad_Skunk

    Crash to desktop with

    Iwas all day setuping a moding original xvm, so lets try it enybody else pls
  5. Mad_Skunk

    Crash to desktop with

    I installed xvm, Moe, Statisticts, etc. manualy, and works fine so far. Maybe, MAYEBE, there is some mistake in aslains installation? Just thinking loud
  6. Mad_Skunk

    Crash to desktop with

    15 battles and crash, well, i dont know then Isnt Wargaming somehow blocking your whole instalation? Am i the only one with these foult?
  7. Mad_Skunk

    Crash to desktop with

    10 battles escaped to garage and still no crash
  8. Mad_Skunk

    Crash to desktop with

    I did, thats not the problem i tried almost everything, first i thought it was that i have disabled general chat etc. in garage mod, but after 19 games it crashed, now i turned of Session Statistics and battle result messages(En,Pl) in Session Statistics (3/4quarters of setup), so far 5 battles, and still no crash after escaping to garage(only MoE turned on)

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