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  1. Mad_Skunk

    Crash to desktop with

    Iwas all day setuping a moding original xvm, so lets try it enybody else pls
  2. Mad_Skunk

    Crash to desktop with

    I installed xvm, Moe, Statisticts, etc. manualy, and works fine so far. Maybe, MAYEBE, there is some mistake in aslains installation? Just thinking loud
  3. Mad_Skunk

    Crash to desktop with

    15 battles and crash, well, i dont know then Isnt Wargaming somehow blocking your whole instalation? Am i the only one with these foult?
  4. Mad_Skunk

    Crash to desktop with

    10 battles escaped to garage and still no crash
  5. Mad_Skunk

    Crash to desktop with

    I did, thats not the problem i tried almost everything, first i thought it was that i have disabled general chat etc. in garage mod, but after 19 games it crashed, now i turned of Session Statistics and battle result messages(En,Pl) in Session Statistics (3/4quarters of setup), so far 5 battles, and still no crash after escaping to garage(only MoE turned on)

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