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  1. xfulop

    Crosshair is an empty line

    Thanks for your reply. I will keep trying to find when I should not alt-tab exactly On the up side it's a good practice to aim without help.
  2. xfulop

    Crosshair is an empty line

    Yes, I do other stuff until the match starts and then I alt-tab back to the game.
  3. Sometimes for one match the little lines and numbers disappear from the crosshair. The match before and after it is okay. I'm using Nomogram crosshair mod. In options it's set to dynamic as written in the instructions and I have the latest mod pack. There is one other mod that behaves similarly. I set the log in screen to be a picture instead of a video but it rarely works. Maybe the cause is related. I alt tab a lot out of game but I didn't notice a pattern or able to reproduce the bug. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip

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