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  1. So after not being able to find an old setting/mod I had in the past, I started looking a bit closer at this and I'm confused. What is the difference between the aim circle and the crosshair? Aren't they the same thing? [This came about since I have trouble seeing the small pen indicator, and I remember having one setup (thought it was either Jimbos or Taipan) that had a larger green/yellow/red circle outside the aim-dot. Made searching for weak spots easier. Just can't remember]
  2. tobe

    Izeberg Info Panel settings

    In case anyone else is looking for this (like I was) I had to go to %appdata\Roaming\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\modsettings.dat (I didn't have a %appdata\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\modsettings.dat). Thanks for the info on this (Always have to reset my settings every time I update the modpack).
  3. tobe

    [ASIA] Crash on start up

    I have been crashing too. Ever since 1.0.2. I'm on the latest Aslains (Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. It is a mod or mods, as if I run safe mode the game works fine. Crashes as soon as I get to the garage. I got 3 games to actually work fine, but then after the match CtD right after before the garage loads up fully. Something isn't playing nice with this new soccer/football garage themed layout. Gonna try to install/uninstall some mods and see.
  4. Thank you very much for the reply! A shame about ekspoint (if that was in fact the case) but I guess I've been too spoiled with the mods. Really liked how kszys infopanel would allow me to check my own stats as well in-game (70+ tanks in the garage and long times off in between playing and I forget what tank has what gun with what pen). Will keep an eye out for any updates. Thanks again.
  5. Just wondering if the removal of the infopanel mods is temporary (was that some wierd prank with the Dr. Evil gif loading after a crash?). I really liked one of the old layouts the best (Espoinks with kszys edits). I'm having a bit of trouble moving Izenbergs where I want it--the menu in the garage doesn't appear to let me move it far enough to the side and I'm too dumb to find the config to edit manually.

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