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  1. Jules_Papillon

    Updates with RSS?

    Hi Aslain. Is there a way to get Modpack update info with rss or similar? Greetings, Jules
  2. Jules_Papillon

    Ovechkin Voiceover Remover

    Hello, Aslain. I made a small and simple mod to remove the special voiceover from Ovechkin. It should work without updates for any game version, without problems with non-Ovechkin mods. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/110570-all-ovechkin-voiceover-remover/ Maybe you'd like to add it to your mod pack. Greetings Frank
  3. Jules_Papillon

    Add clan icon

    Hi Aslain, our second clan was renamed from PONY2 to PONYS. The Icon for PONY remains the old. Server: EU Clantag: PONYS Clanname: PONY CLAN – Veterans and Rookies New Icon: Full Logo: Thank you and have a nice day.

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