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  1. AnimeEDM

    How to find all commander files?

    okay thank you sooo much i will try it right now and ill get back on if it worked or not! i thank you so much!!! i was getting super frustrated hahaha many hugs!
  2. AnimeEDM

    How to find all commander files?

    oh i did not know of this.. do i just use unpacker exe or unpacker gui exe?
  3. AnimeEDM

    How to find all commander files?

    i dont have anything in that file though
  4. hey everyone so i am adding custom images for all my commanders i could not find the commander files at all so i downloaded a mod that changed the commanders and switched them from there not all the commanders are in there but i have no clue how to find commanders.. i know it used to be res/gui/commanders etc.. but that does not exist anymore there so how do i find all the commanders that are currently in the game?? i would LOVE some help!! PLEASE..
  5. AnimeEDM

    Torpedo Warning Loop

    ive been trying for days to get a custom torpedo warning loop to go but for some reason i cant get it to work. everything is set as it should but at the end whenever i get torpedoes shot to me i only get an electronic screetch/crackle. and i have no idea why that keeps happening so i am hoping someone can help create it for me or at least help me figure out why its not working the way it should. thank you in advance!

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