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    [] Triple Screen UI Tweak

    I am on the 5760x1080 resolution, and with trying out you WIP version everything moves over just fine apart from the Ship HP bar , and the compass is actually on the right hand (to the left of the map) side as apposed to the left under the ship HP. Could you let me know which sections you are actually editing within the XML to shift stuff around? I dont need to be completely baby fed, but some direction as to which values need changing would be appreciated. Edit: Just been having a play around with things just now and these are the bits i have figured out and moved around as needed, and put them here incase others need to do the same thing. Though i am having troubles with finding what the Element ID is on the Ships HP bar as its stuck on the far left monitor for me still. Any input from anyone ? Edit 2: deleted the lines of which things are on as it seems apparent that it can change depending on which mods you install from the installer... doh. Still need help for which to change for the HP bar though for the ship. Thanks

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