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  1. help


    1. HuLKSMa5H


      I mate, I'd like to help you if I can. Its not that complicated once someone goes through the whole thing with you. I'm prepaired to spend a while helping you if you like. If we can arrange a time we can meet up here that would be a good start. I'm in Ireland so the time diff needs to be concidered.


    2. Tbone


      Thank you my Friend ,

      It means a lot to have friends who will help.  I recently came up on some problems with laptop.  So I'm sending my ASUS laptop back for the 4th time in over a year.  It has been a nitemare and hope to change systems if they let me.  Each time problems happened, ASUS would not fix it but send a new one.  This time I will ask for switch.  So knowing that , I tried to install Mods seeing how I would just return laptop anyway.  Sure enough , I tried and got a Virus due to my own stupidity.  I may wait know......to scared .

      Thank you and God Bless Brother....


    3. HuLKSMa5H


      Just give me a holla once your ready ;)



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