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    Rickster's land of ELCs (Within the lost city of Atlantis near Scorpiany's Land of T49's)
  1. Rickster1998

    Malware in the installer?

    The one I have is Avira, you should try it and maybe stop watching all that midget porn. It can leave a virus.
  2. Rickster1998

    Bounty list

    Damn. :ph34r:
  3. Rickster1998

    Bounty list

    Hey Scorp, That bounty still up on ya?
  4. I have played since 9.3 and somehow, I lost 96_prohorovka_defence.pkg after installing 3.9.9. I do not know how. Can someone put the file up for me please?
  5. Rickster1998

    Xft Damage Panel not displaying correctly

    Mine never did that.
  6. Rickster1998

    Sniper for arty and arty for sniper

    It shows it as legal and I do remember WG not having a problem with this mod. http://pkwot.blogspot.com/2014/09/93-arty-sight-for-tanks-sniper-scope.html Only main request for aslain is to take out Free camera.
  7. Rickster1998

    Nvidia Quadro FX 2500m driver

    Does anyone know where to find this driver?
  8. Rickster1998

    WN8 Calculator

    Can you make it where you can choose if it spams it or not and to what? Like the "I'm spotted" Mod, can you make it where people can choose which one's they want?
  9. Rickster1998

    GIF image to big

    On here, maybe. I was talking about the WOT forums.
  10. Rickster1998

    GIF image to big

    Does scorp know how?
  11. Rickster1998

    GIF image to big

    I am trying to upload a gif image as my avatar on WOT and I need some help. Thank you.
  12. Rickster1998

    Minimap zoom

    Already did. Still didn't work. That was yesterday. Will try 12.
  13. Rickster1998

    Could you use a different host website?

    I just use an adblocker. It works fine after that/
  14. Rickster1998

    Minimap zoom

    Already did. .11 is the one that caused this.
  15. Rickster1998

    Minimap zoom

    I played my first battle a few minutes ago and had to use CC (Cruse control) for forward bacause when i pressed "W", my minimap would zoom. What is the file so I can change it?

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