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    General Hangar Error

    So I don't really know what happened. Used the modpack as normal when something really strange happened. Logged in as normal but when I got into the hangar everything was really weird. Vehicles didn't show models, and as I moved the view around the hangar, everything vanished that I could click on, so not sure what happened. Woudln't let me into games either. I've uninstalled the mod and reinstalled, tried in safe mode, checked game integrity (which was fine) , tried when mods aren't installed, even tried a fix that worked before that I posted about earlier. Now nothing works, even without mods. I highly doubt it's the modpack in any way, but I'm just hoping that someone here knows or has an idea what happened. Also when i finish downloading the modpack this message comes up "Exception EAccessViolation in module Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. at 00CF2E38. Access violation at address 00CF3E38. Read of address 00CF3E38", shown in a screenshot below. No idea what this means. Some of the mods also don't work, such as any of the icons in game or Gnomefather's sound mods and a few others. I am using a Mac so maybe that's the problem but I've really got no idea. I'm fine playing without mods but still it's just really confusing all of this. I'm not great with computers :/ I've attatched the logs, as well as some screenshots of the issues. If no one can help I'll keep trying, but yeah any help would be appreciated. Sorry for any inconvenience. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. RCTNinja

    Loading Error

    So I recently started using this modpack, and as soon as I finish downloading the modpack, World of Tanks never goes past the loading screen (with the logo and the orange bar) and does not change afterwards. I use a mac and am using Wine to make it work properly, so maybe its that, but I have no idea. It works perfectly fine in safe mode but I would much prefer to use the modpack if possible. It may be completely an error on my end, in which case if you can possibly give me any advice I'm open, but if not then don't sweat it. Thanks in advance! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip *Update* Nevermind, saw a post by jakr74 and his solution fixed it perfectly, so that's fine now. Thanks anyway!

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