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  1. Silentdeath3012

    Wierd coordinates or something in chat

    Alright it was teamaware. My teammates don't see those symbols anymore since I uninstalled it. Thanks for your assistance.
  2. Silentdeath3012

    Wierd coordinates or something in chat

    Oh didn't even know about that. Well now I have a list for myself if I ever have to reselect anything. Alright I am going to disable it and see if it gets better. TY Gotta wait till the patch goes live on EU though, since aslains mod pack is already patched for it.
  3. Silentdeath3012

    Wierd coordinates or something in chat

    Of course. Logs are attached and here is my list of addons: *Screen Panels - Side Panes by Autospy *Crosshairs - crosshair Nomogra (dynamic) * More visible range finder - range finder: green * Camera Mods - Yazom: 66% more zom out * Over Target Markers - BADoBEST: Tactical map only * Ship movement Indicator - SMI: v4(pold77) * Minimap mods - Minimap extended - Display customized circles - Display target direction lines - Enlarged ship names * Port mods - Session Stats - Extended Tech Tree - Compact carousel extended - Clear vision - More visible trained commander perks * On-Screen Battle Display - Custom shells & trace contrailes - shells & tracers by blackskull * The GUI elements - move GUI elements #2 * Custom radiolocation marker - radiolocation: red * Alt Hud - Navigator: centered - smoke counter: centered * Custom battle loading screen - Clan icons - clan icons EU * Remove unwanted text from the map view * Team aware * Regen Assistant * Info Panel (enemy) * Info Panel (self) * Detailed damage meter * score timer * help me *Chat mods -Group 1 - improves chat v4 * Sound mods - Torpedo warning voice - torpedobeat * Teaks - Enable ability to recod battle replays - Region changer - EU * External apps - matchmaking monitor - wows raealms tool - mx stat - application for loading aslains installer configurations Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  4. I am posting it here because I don't know if it is caused by a mod. Has anybody seen that before? My teammates made me aware that I was posting weird coordinates in chat however they are not visible to me. If anybody has some clues of what mod might cause that please let me know so I can disable it.
  5. Silentdeath3012


    Nvm I figoured it out.
  6. Silentdeath3012


    Alright so I installed the Torpedobeats mod, however it doesn't seem to work at all. Is it a known bug or do I have to do something else besides installing it with your launcher? (there is no description for the mod either) If it is not known I will attach a log to this thread.

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