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  1. NeXior

    Problem on Stronghold

    ok i try and i give you info ok without Personal Missions Helper work good on stronghold
  2. I have problem with new update on 1.2 version on attachment files you have Zip. i have problem with new version.....i got 1.2 version error, but i install. On public work´s fine, but in stronghold freeze on loading screen Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. NeXior

    Unsuitable Version of Client error

    Man, try to help me, i really have problem on Stronghold. on public after this window work all perfect, but when i start game with my clan, freeze on loading screen
  4. NeXior

    Unsuitable Version of Client error

    safe mode - work normall
  5. NeXior

    Unsuitable Version of Client error

    On public for me work´s all fine, but when i play with my clan "Stronghold" i got freeze on loading screen
  6. NeXior

    Unsuitable Version of Client error

    Try to play Stronghold, on public work, but no in stronghold for me

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