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  1. Dippydazzler

    unsuitable version of client detected?

    When do you think there will be a modpack for ready to download?
  2. Dippydazzler

    No game interface at all

    that worked for me, how about you GHR1227?
  3. Dippydazzler

    No game interface at all

    to see the enemy, have you tried putting middle of screen over the enemy tank? I see the red outline but only if I manage to get the exact middle of my screen over the enemy. Ok, more realistic but a bit annoying on this type of game. :-)
  4. Hi I've attached the log - as can be seen i have no XVM mods. With this mod version i have a very clean screen (just the tank and the back ground). I have no map, no hit logs, no damage details, no reticle, nothing. I've tried un-installing and reinstalling ( i always have the cache clean on) nothinbg works. I have also tried without the mod pack and I have a normal screen, but when I re-install the same problem occurs. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I've just uploaded a screen shot so you can what I'm seeing and so see what is missing. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip

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