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  1. DerJOSh01

    Aiming Circle combined with Server Crosshair

    In theory: to proof that its working i install a servercrosshair as well and when i activate the ingame servercrosshair, the behavior should be the same, right? Btw i dont trust the ingame settings :)
  2. DerJOSh01

    Aiming Circle combined with Server Crosshair

    Ok thank you. I'll try
  3. Hello together. Is it possible to Set the servercrosshair for the aiming Circle itself so it dont shows the server crosshair additionaly? King regards JOSh
  4. DerJOSh01

    Change zoom steps in Snipermode

    many thanks! I just realized the folder "mods" in WOT directory. I only looked at the "res_mods". My only problem with the zoom is that i cant aim propperly in third person mode so i need the minimal zoom step in sniper mode. Its now working fine. Thanks again. JOSh
  5. DerJOSh01

    Change zoom steps in Snipermode

    i want to use the pmod further because there is so much good stuff. i deselectet only the zoom selection and it changes the the zoom to the preseted 2,4,8 but it doesnt use my input. camera enabled - false is standard set. Thanks or your support. JOSh
  6. DerJOSh01

    Change zoom steps in Snipermode

    Hi Quaksen, i found the file, modified it but it doesnt effect the behavior at all. I also tried in the installer other zoomsteps and the file also doesnt change. Do you know any other files? This is the original text: "sniper": { // List of multiplicities for the sniper mode // Default: [ 2, 4, 8 ]. It's possible to use a greater number of values. // Список значений кратности для снайперского режима // По умолчанию: [ 2, 4, 8 ]. Можно использовать большее количество значений. "zooms": [2, 4, 8],
  7. Hello together, is it possible to change the zoom steps in snipermode? In older xvm with .json files i could change it manually but i dont found a way to do that now. Can anyone help me? King ragards JOSh

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