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  1. Travis66

    Frontline and Consumables

    Update: Uninstalling worked. I failed to notice that removing the mod removed the consumables on the particular tanks. Added the consumables back and Frontline worked fine It looks like the Auxilium consumable return that was causing the issue. Thanks for your reply and keep up the great work.
  2. Travis66

    Frontline and Consumables

    I did the integrity check. The mod directories are gone. Still the same problem. It might be a registry problem.
  3. Travis66

    Frontline and Consumables

    I am having the same problem with frontline and consumables. They aren't there in safe mode either. I've removed all content from the /resmods folder except the empty 1.014.1 folder. Also removed the worlodoftanks/mods folder yet the problem persists on a supposedly mod removed client. Is there a way to make sure the modpack is completely gone?

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