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  1. So its illegal?
  2. Is there a way we can get Sela's OTM/XVM/Contour added to the next patch? Preview Screenshots are here:
  3. Will it always be?
  4. Which crosshair is the up to date one? Test 1 or Test 2?
  5. So thats not a good thing, I'm guessing.
  6. Aslain would this be considered a cheat? Hit Zones by PRotanki The way it works is that when you look at an enemy they will look normal until you hover your cross-hairs over them. This then puts a Hit-zones skin on their tank and will stay on it until you move your cross-hair away. I see it as basically having the hit-zone skins but being able to keep the look of the tanks. If it is considered a cheat, ignore this message. If it isn't, I would like to recommend it to your pack.
  7. Couldn't you use for your tank values?
  8. Thanks Aslain!
  9. Would be cool to have this as an alternative to Julie
  10. Could we add some of this stuff for the Bronys?
  11. I'll try that ty Aslain.
  12. Is there a way to install only the minimap? No stats, just the minimap. Its just that the stats lag my game down both in loading screens and sometimes in game.