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  1. Dead_Zombie

    Horizontal Stabilization in Sniper mode

    guess i didn't have the latest version like i thought i did.. its there. thanks for the confirmation
  2. Dead_Zombie

    Horizontal Stabilization in Sniper mode

    I am asking if its going to be added to the modpack
  3. Any Idea when you are going to update that add-on / fix (topic title).. the in-game Horizontal Stabilization in Sniper mode sucks, and just seems like ur reticle floats around too much, but the one usually in the modpack makes aiming in sniper mode so much more responsive..
  4. thank you, that did the trick.. only thing that needs a little adjusting, is the win% column needs moved a little bit to shot the % sign.. but other then that, looks good..
  5. When I use Aslains XVM config.. I get the enemy team with the tank icons backwards. and on my team, the win% % sign is cut off.. here is what the loading screen looks like: here is the screen when the battles starts: here is what it looks like if i go into the battle.xc fils, and change "mirroredVehicleIcons": false, to "true". it fixes the icons, but now they are over lapping.. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  6. Dead_Zombie

    Mission Helper

    would you happen to know what files I would need to copy over to 9.15 to see if it works?
  7. Dead_Zombie

    Mission Helper

    Do you know who the author is for the mission helper mod? I find this a great asset, and would like to stay on top of their updates as they come out..
  8. Dead_Zombie

    an Extra WN8 Color scale?

    Good Morning, I was wondering what the odds are that the WN8 colors could be changed in order to get rid of the red/tomato color, and replaced with "White".. to me, there should be no difference between a noob, and somebody thats still red, because essentially, they are still a noob as well when its all said and done with. I know you can go in and adjust the colors yourself, but just think if it was something done globally, then you can get rid of alot of hostility.. Ist: White looks 10 times clearer/cleaner when doing replays, or streaming. seems red gets the blur effect more so then any other color. 2nd: you remove the "rage" factor 10 fold when a battle starts. its a proven fact that red is a color of rage, and when 95% of the population seems to be red, its no wonder people get so damn angry at the beginning of a match. 3rd: you get rid of that damn word tomato... and just get back to the good'ol days of "noob/newb/noobie" 4th: it makes sense that they stay categorized as a new player, because they still haven't figured out the game. just a though...
  9. Dead_Zombie

    1.6 x for default sniper zoom...

    damn double posted somehow... delete me
  10. Dead_Zombie

    1.6 x for default sniper zoom...

    I had the same issue, and just went back to 2.0..
  11. Dead_Zombie

    The Zoom out needs fixed please

    thank you
  12. Dead_Zombie

    The Zoom out needs fixed please

    never had this issue until this patch.. would always start the match in the standard view.. now it starts the match zoomed out all the way
  13. when you select your zoom out in the mod to anything, it makes that the default setting at the beginning of the battle. these are the setting i select: and this is how the zoom is at the start:
  14. Dead_Zombie

    deafult zoom

    Basically, if you select that you want to zoom out 300, then thats where you are starting at the beginning of the battle, even if you select the the other mod to remember x2 at the start of a battle
  15. yea, whatever zoomed out distance you select, regardless if you set the "remember" to X2 in the mod pack it starts out the battle at whatever zoomed out distance you select (100,300,500)

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