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  1. wade_gaskins

    4k scaling install window too large

    I have 4k 3840x2160 display and this is how I fix it. 1. Right click the installer and select properties. 2. Click on compatibility. 3. Near the bottom should say. Change high DPI settings (click that). 4. Bottom should say High DPI scaling override. Click that box. 5. In drop down (same area) choose system (enhanced). 6. Run installer. You will see everything as normal Works for me and I really hope it works for you and anyone else having this issue. Happy new year everyone.
  2. wade_gaskins

    Mouse pointer

    Is there a way to make the mouse pointer larger? I am using 1 of the pointer mods in the pack just so I can find it. The reason I ask is because even tho I am using the mod I am playing at 4k 4096x2160 and the pointer seems to only be 25% of the size it is in windows with or without the mod. Thank you.
  3. wade_gaskins

    Ribbon Bug

    Sinking a ship shows as a citadel. I noticed that one. I was also using #7 at 1 point but noticed the ribbons were messed up so stopped.
  4. wade_gaskins

    Automatic update

    I do agree with Aslain. It has been working for years tho.
  5. wade_gaskins

    Automatic update

    I think was meaning without having to re-download every update. Not the connection itself.
  6. wade_gaskins

    Help Me Mod

    In the port press the H key and a small window will open.
  7. wade_gaskins

    Help me! mod

    I was just wanting to know if this has been updated for the French or is it the same for other nations too? Also providing a screen shot of the help mod on screen...what is #5?
  8. wade_gaskins

    Roughnecks Cross-hair is glitchy, Can't Aim

    roughneck did a update to his gunsite to v4c. Not sure if this is the 1 that is offered here but was updated 2 days ago: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8v31a60janla8vv/RoughNecks_GunSights_v4c.zip
  9. wade_gaskins

    WN8 in-game

    First of all tankyou for this mod pack I just have 1 question, will the Fury tank be updated with the active wn8 mod? I get expected damage of 0 showing.

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