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  1. wade_gaskins

    Mouse pointer

    Is there a way to make the mouse pointer larger? I am using 1 of the pointer mods in the pack just so I can find it. The reason I ask is because even tho I am using the mod I am playing at 4k 4096x2160 and the pointer seems to only be 25% of the size it is in windows with or without the mod. Thank you.
  2. wade_gaskins

    Ribbon Bug

    Sinking a ship shows as a citadel. I noticed that one. I was also using #7 at 1 point but noticed the ribbons were messed up so stopped.
  3. wade_gaskins

    Automatic update

    I do agree with Aslain. It has been working for years tho.
  4. wade_gaskins

    Automatic update

    I think was meaning without having to re-download every update. Not the connection itself.
  5. wade_gaskins

    Help Me Mod

    In the port press the H key and a small window will open.
  6. wade_gaskins

    Help me! mod

    I was just wanting to know if this has been updated for the French or is it the same for other nations too? Also providing a screen shot of the help mod on screen...what is #5?
  7. wade_gaskins

    Roughnecks Cross-hair is glitchy, Can't Aim

    roughneck did a update to his gunsite to v4c. Not sure if this is the 1 that is offered here but was updated 2 days ago: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8v31a60janla8vv/RoughNecks_GunSights_v4c.zip
  8. wade_gaskins

    WN8 in-game

    First of all tankyou for this mod pack I just have 1 question, will the Fury tank be updated with the active wn8 mod? I get expected damage of 0 showing.

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