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  1. Error Message After updating

    Ahh okay, gotcha.
  2. Error Message After updating

    okay _Aslain_logs.zip worldofwarships-2016-12-22_09-39-42.crash worldofwarships-2016-12-22_11-45-10.crash worldofwarships-2016-12-22_11-51-49.crash python.log
  3. Hi, Guys just updated WoWS Mod pack and started the game and got this.
  4. Installer crash

    I'm getting a Runtime error Crash
  5. XVM

    ahhh so thats it thx
  6. WoWS NA mini patch update issue

    Fixed it thx ;)
  7. I re-DL the mod pack after the update but none of the mods came up. FIXED
  8. Match start bug

    Updating Crew Screen Stuck any ideas?
  9. As the title says any issues or any need to correct the paths.xml file. DL and didn't see anything.
  10. Mod install 0.5.0_410

    Do I need put a new Paths.xml? <root> <Paths> <Path>profile</Path> <Path>res_mods/</Path> <Path>res</Path> </Paths> </root>
  11. WoWS 0.4.5 issue

    Thx for the help
  12. WoWS 0.4.5 issue

    I updated the modpack every time this pops up.
  13. Constant CTD in 4.3.8

    i rolled back to 4.3.7 and it seems to working.
  14. Update 4.2.35 not registering

    same here
  15. COGG Clan Icon

    Well its time for another update :mellow: