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  1. Of course :-)
  2. Aslain, have you forgot? :-)
  3. Hi Aslain, Is it possible to split instalation of Hangar Clock & Calculator by AntonVK in separate mods? I like calculator but I don't need hangar clock.
  4. I can confirm that. I am using Grandorf's iconset.
  5. Aslain, I've found this mod for sniper view for artyмод-для-включения-снайперского-режима-на-арт/ Is it forbiden by WG rules? If it is not, it'll be nice to be included in your modpack.
  6. Ive been using for some time and have no problem! To be more precise, I use arcade and sniper part of this mod, strategic from Harpoon and circle aim from Kellerman and everything is OK.
  7. Still no Kodos crosshair in modpack
  8. Aslain, do you read our requests? :-)
  9. Aslain, I've found very nice crosshair by Kodos. Here is the link. It is updated for 9.18 Could you include it in your modpack?
  10. Ok, thanx
  11. AimTimeRemain in ExtraAimInfo stops working in trajectory view.
  12. Which file have you converted?
  13. Thanx
  14. In new patch 9.17.1, WG has introduced new type of files with .wotmod extensions. Does anybody know what is this files and what is the relations with old .swf and .pyc files?
  15. But you didn't say that you delete folder modsettings.dat . I thought that you delete a file.