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  1. Texture glitch and request

    probably because they changed the turrets a bit
  2. Hide ships in port

    like the reserve status for vehicles in armored warfare? seems useful for ships u r less interested to play.
  3. Musashi guns should sound like Yamato guns

    well i hope they either fix it or we get a mod to fix it
  4. a mod fixing that can be simple and nice...but hopefully WG can notice this mistake.
  5. i totally agree. i want a mod that makes the default purchase of all consumables in the game to be by using credits only. maybe a tick box in the settings that lets me choose that automatically for all ships. the demount for gold default is not something i want though...
  6. blueman's detection mod is bugged

    actually i checked it again now and it seems to work fine. maybe something was changed
  7. blueman's detection mod is bugged

    excellent! thanks!
  8. blueman's detection mod is bugged

    well its still working except that thing...u can keep it there but just put a note that this specific part is not properly working yet
  9. detected by sonar/radar is bugged and the icon is not showing properly. instead it shows a different detected icon more similar to detection icon without the mod. this is very inconvenient as not clear unlike the one shown in the picture which was great
  10. Captain issues

    worked! instead of "dock" i added ".bak" so its now "dock.bak" and it works! thanks!
  11. Bluemans Detection mod

    yea it shouldnt show that radar/sonar detection icon, it should show something completely different. maybe the regular default icon, or something different than radar sonar detection.
  12. Bluemans Detection mod

    ohhhh so thats why it appeared for me...that was definitly strange to see this with the normal detection
  13. Ship Name in Battle Chat

    didnt he already add it in the latest version?
  14. chat with ship names is gone?

    thanks for readding it! its actually very useful to know who is talking and which target is actually marked. i hope WG will make it mandatory
  15. chat with ship names is gone?

    damm...can it be remade to fit the new changes?