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  1. didnt he already add it in the latest version?
  2. thanks for readding it! its actually very useful to know who is talking and which target is actually marked. i hope WG will make it mandatory
  3. damm...can it be remade to fit the new changes?
  4. i cant find this mod in the modpack anymore, what happened? can you add it please? its nice and useful. i hope their stupid chat changes didnt fuck this up too...
  5. i also used blue man detection as i like it, but since i stopped using it the issue also disappeared. i think this mod should be removed for fixing untill this is solved.
  6. i disabled the detection mod and since then i never encountered this problem again. maybe something there is causing this...can anyone else confirm that disabling this mod also solved this issue for them?
  7. i dont know her. maybe u can check if she has any idea how to get this in the modpack?
  8. ok thanks i hope u can find a mod like this, or make one, or maybe u know someone that can make one... it shouldnt be a difficult mod to do as far as i can assume...
  9. do u guys use the detection mod? i never had this problem after i turned it off. can u try playing without it for some time and see if it works for u too?
  10. is that possible? can i get a response plz?
  11. i would really want a premium port music mod, for non premium users. i found one on google but its corrupted and unusable. if u can find one or make one, i would appreciate it, and im sure im not the only one!
  12. a few weeks ago i decided to take down a few mods to check if they are responsible for the infinite load screen bug. as far as i noticed, taking down the detection mod solved this issue for me since then. did anyone else notice anything about it? its a nice mod but i really hate getting that bug...maybe it should be confirmed and if so, fixed.
  13. my game also does that and gets frozen after loading is done in the load screen, and yes i can still hear some gunfire sometimes. no idea what is causing it
  14. i had a similar problem in battle load screen. sometimes the game takes ages to load, and sometimes its completely frozen after its done loading and gets stuck in the load idea y
  15. same problem i hope it gets fixed