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  1. cobrazax

    game freezing with mod pack installed

    i also have freezing issues but they are not uncommon for me. still recently the game has become VERY unstable, way more than usual. not sure if its the modpack or probably the latest update ruined the game
  2. cobrazax

    MAJOR CV bug likely because of mods

    u mean mods like the minimap direction lines? ok i removed it thanks
  3. cobrazax

    MAJOR CV bug likely because of mods

    which mod is it?
  4. cobrazax

    MAJOR CV bug likely because of mods

    btw if u want an example...
  5. cobrazax

    MAJOR CV bug likely because of mods

    thanks i like CVs and want to play them to relax
  6. cobrazax

    MAJOR CV bug likely because of mods

    any news about this? did anyone find the source of the problem and fix it?
  7. cobrazax

    MAJOR CV bug likely because of mods

    for me it happened when i wanted a CV play after a session of other ships...can also happen after a restart, no idea what is causing it. its likely mods and its making playing CV a really bad idea now :/ i hope it can be fixed! i dont want to unistall mods just to play a CV game
  8. for a few months ive had a MAJOR issue with CVs. almost all games with them, especially my Ryujo, had a massive visual bug. all HUD elements are gone, pure visual ocean, no ship or plane icons, no chat, no map, no ship or squad info. need to visually see planes and ships to identify where they r and what they r, making gameplay impossible. chat doesnt even work, no response or visuals, even menu doesnt work or exist. i can issue voice commands from shortcuts but thats all so i cant even tell my team im bugged out. restarting the whole game doesnt fix it either!!! every time i ask about it in game, everyone says they never had it so its probably the mods. im really not sure what can cause this as i dont use CV mods. i do use navigator, movement indicator, chat v2, regen asist, ship direction minimap lines, gold premium icons for ships and consumables, blueman detection mod, color ship previews, full tech tree.
  9. cobrazax

    Arms Race Symbols Gone

  10. cobrazax

    Arms Race Symbols Gone

    blueman is fixed now? can i use it without having this problem?
  11. cobrazax

    chat mod 2

  12. cobrazax

    chat mod 2

    where is the second chat mod version??? i really liked it and now i dont see it anywhere
  13. cobrazax

    Hidden tech tree not showing

    still no extended tech tree?
  14. cobrazax


    i really hope it will return!
  15. cobrazax

    New here

    if u want help in aiming i can personally train u as im currently a very good player with more than 61% solo winrate after 8000+ battles. i can give u advice and tips in how to aim properly and consistently hit your targets. if u want mods that will give u info that can help u decide how to aim properly, u can try Navigator mod as well as ship movement indicator mod. i use them and they are very useful. there are several other useful mods, but for aiming data, they are useful

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