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  1. Solomon

    Can't see the mission window

    Thanks ! Worked for me too !
  2. I can't see the mission window. Any suggestion ?
  3. Solomon

    Black line

    Thank you very much ! Problem resolved by your advice.
  4. Solomon

    Black line

    Thank you Here is my log file zip Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. Solomon

    Black line

    Wich one ? I have a "logs" folder in main game folder that contains " 1) "Informer.log" and 2) "WargamingGameUpdater.log" Please if you mean something else Maybe you mean "_Aslains_Installer.log"
  6. Solomon

    Black line

    I have a black line at the top when battle starts and remain in all battle. I don't use any other mod. I tried different s skins for allies/enemies icons, but problem not resolved. Image attached.
  7. Solomon

    Contour Icon issue

    Thanks. That worked !
  8. Solomon

    Contour Icon issue

    I have the same problem after the last update
  9. Solomon

    Too many crashes

    After the update v4.4.32 (30-06-2015), i have too many crashes while playing game.

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