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  1. Yes Sir. I realize that dealing with people can suck. Thank You to the whole Team. The "lost" comment was an attempt at humor, as in yes I did not realize and did not read first post completely . The visual of the yellow circle was a "light bulb" moment. I have had few issues in the past years, a lot I figured out myself. I do promote this site to others. I know that the site gets some benefit from the adfly link and I will continue to try it first.
  2. Capt Black, Your reply was very helpful. Downloaded with out any trouble. In the four years I never realized the "direct" was a separate link. You may want to pass this on to your other subscribers, the ones as lost as myself. I have relied on Aslain's quick releases after patch releases. Thank you.
  3. THX for the reply. As much as I like Aslain's mod pack, I have donated twice a yr, I will not leave my computer open to any kind of foreign website. So I will run with out this mod pack. Have A Nice Day.
  4. Aslain, thx for the reply. I am on update #5 Autoaim is working fine. The initial problem persists. I have installed just the gun sight and there is no color in aim point. I then added 2D aim circle with real dispersion and the aimpoint has color but will not react. I am back to Harpoon Min gunsight with 2D aim circle and "No" real dispersion circle. The last setup works. This is not a big problem. If you are satisfied with this, I will not persist. Thx and good health
  5. installed. Updated mod pack. Same issue with armor pen function, also now auto lock stays locked on dead tank or tank that disappears. Logs attached. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. I have succeeded in getting all p-mod items that I use except Server Crosshair = Real dispersion circle. I am using aim circle = 2DZoom with Minimal Harpoon gun sight. I did not realize that we needed to use Aim Circle with the Gun Sight mod to get armor pen to work. In the past just using Jimbo's #1 or Min Harpoon would have armor pen aim circle in use by itself.
  7. I have been running your mod pack for last two years. I run the same setup. I have attached log zip file. The penetration indicator is turned on in settings. I have spent a fair amount of time testing how to get it to work. 1. If any "P-Mod" is selected the reticle color does not change from red at anytime with stock gun sight. 2. I have deleted and reinstalled client, then installed latest mod pack. 3. No pmod selected and just your gun sight mod has no color what so ever. 4. Tried the new selection of crosshair mod. No help. I now run my usual preferences without any Pmod's selected and WG stock gun sight. it works in with this setup. thx PS Hope everything goes well for you. I was sorry to hear about your health. God Bless Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Problem fixed. File deleted.
  9. Put #10 on computer. Got error msg "file could not be renamed" . No mods installed. Did an uninstall of mod pack and tried again, no luck. Uninstalled again and tried to install #9a, no luck. I tried to go into res_mods folder and delete, rename and move, no luck. This has locked WOT folder from any recourse. No mods. added 5 minutes later File path= Res_mods > configs > xvm > Aslains > patch.exe
  10. rcm4

    Download problem

    I got #13 to download. In middle of download got the Micosoft warning, let download to finish and used task manager to escape. These errors are caused from Micosoft's page filter. These are caused from websites trying to access computers. Just letting you know. I have never caught a virus from dealing with your process for two years. That is why I keep using and donating to your website. thanks
  11. Been trying to download #12 for two days. When I click on link and go to Adfly, screen turns red and says the website has been reported. adamcurve.com
  12. I just tried to download patch #22. Smartscreen Filter blocks the download. There is also some program trying to get around the Malware program on my computer. I am getting the Aslain site is not to be trusted warning. This is second time in 6 months. Last time, I waited a week and all was OK. I will wait to try again at later date. I thought you would like to know. thx

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