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  1. Just installed .50 but i see stuff in garage i didn't install. Like missing gold and free xp lock, but the mod added some stats to my carrousel. Different type in game wn8 colors and OTM. just like it's not my settings at all. _Aslain_logs.zip _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log python.log
  2. Dutchy_79

    WarGamings Fair Play Policy

    Thanks please tell the one answering ticket 1692435 the same he/she does not understand i think.
  3. Dutchy_79

    WarGamings Fair Play Policy

    Thanks, Yesterday ii sent them a ticket so i'll let you know.
  4. Dutchy_79

    WarGamings Fair Play Policy

    safe shot unfair by the fair play policy? why wg,..
  5. Dutchy_79

    WarGamings Fair Play Policy

    Yup the sanppy version off autoaim made life easier. I voted Other, WG ain't ready to ban the people who use mods, i reported a account that used a aimbot and they just said they can't tell. Another question, those colored arrows like purple red,. for vehicles that can see you is that illegal? I can't tell if it's in the installer because I don't know the name
  6. Theres a small text error in Dutch. While installing it says [Onwettig EU, ASIA, NA] meaning illegal on,... could you skip that part since it seems to be legal now.
  7. Dutchy_79

    Several mods gone

    Found the circles, thanks
  8. Dutchy_79

    Several mods gone

    :oops: seems like they all got deselected indeed. My bad Thanks M8 One thing i cant find but maybe illegal is HP circles on the map
  9. Dutchy_79

    Several mods gone

    I never selected that on installer, i used the one ingame. maybe thats the problem ingame doesn't respond. But what about the other problems?
  10. Dutchy_79

    Several mods gone

    I'm missing auto login, session stats and HP circles on the minimap. Also the 2 rows carrousel seems broken. _Aslain_logs.zip _Aslains_Installer.log
  11. Dutchy_79

    Request, fast update

    Okay,. well it's only 8 clicks to start update so not the end off the world. Would be great iff possible in future.
  12. Dutchy_79

    Request, fast update

    Hi Aslain, I wanna request a fast update function. Sometimes there is nothing else i want to select but still i have to press Next, next, next,. and when the mod list comes the next button is way down so a "Update with same config" would be great. Regards,
  13. Dutchy_79

    Wrong mods installed that i didn't select

    Problem was fixed in .12 modpack and i thought that when you add the _Aslain_logs.zip it contained all Aslain needs.
  14. I see several mods i didn't select when ingame and in garage, like winrate on tank carousel i didn't select that. also ingame another hitlog on top. and no more HP circles on the map _Aslain_logs.zip And thats wrong too, lol
  15. same problem her, often when i wanna type a message i have to hit F1 twice and then type. _Aslain_logs.zip

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