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  1. Recently, I decided to start using small repair kits instead of large kits. I have Auto Aim + configured, via the installer, to use small repair kits when I press T. But, it doesnt work. I have checked the json file and everything looks to be correct, so either there is a problem with the mod (I doubt that) or something funky in my settings or user error I dont have the T key assigned to anything in my client settings...could this be the problem? Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Do you still have the results? I am curious.
  3. Do you mean that you missed an absurd number of shots? If so, that is not a fault of the crosshair. But, it is possible that you could be having server lag issues. If so, you might help your situation by selecting "Enable Server Reticle" in the game settings under the General Tab. If your problem is something other than missing shots then please provide a screenshot if possible and most importantly, provide the requested logs. For more info see the link below in my signature.
  4. The same folder is "read only" on my Windows 10 machine, and I can change the permissions of that folder. And the installer runs perfectly for me and installs everything despite the folder being "read only". So, the problem must be elsewhere. Check the thread linked below. Maybe the information there will help you. This problem happens with a very, very small percentage of modpack users from time to time. It is often Windows User Account Control (UAC) which is trying to protect your pc even though it doesnt need protecting at the moment.
  5. I have noticed that sometimes with updates, client updates from WG and/or a newer version of XVM, that some settings get changed. I know that these changes are not a result of the modpack and they dont happen very often. And sometimes, I probably made the change by accident and didn't realize it.... Glad I was able to help sort it out for you.
  6. I don't know about the icons not showing up in game, but I may be able to help with the missing tanks. Sounds like the missing tank may have been set to reserve. If so, you can go into the filters panel and select to show reserve tanks and only tanks with a reserve label will be visible in the garage carousel. This filter button is under the "Special" section and is the very last button. Once the tank is visible in the carousel, you can right click on the tank in the carousel and uncheck the reserve label. I hope this solves your problem.
  7. I suspect a problem with your current installation of WoT. It seems to be a local issue on your machine/with your setup based on the fact that others aren't reporting the same problem. Maybe something got changed in your registry etc and made things wonky. I suggest reinstalling WoT and see if that corrects your problem. Good luck.
  8. The highest number is always the correct one...right? To add to the confusion, vBaddict has some problems with something too. According to them I have played my BC 155 58 in over 126 million battles. I am Darth Clicker....the biggest clicker in the game probably, but even I haven't clicked that much.
  9. I knew a real computer nerd would step in....now I can stop pretending and get back to clicking.
  10. I agree with Fbomb's idea above. Check your assigned key for auto-aim hasn't been inadvertently changed in your game settings.
  11. I don't have any problems at all installing the modpack. I think if it were a problem with the modpack itself, then most people, or probably all people, would be having the same problem. As it is, only a very select few are having problems. Therefore, I still believe that it is a local issue concerning file/file folder permissions on the computer involved. Maybe some of the real computer nerds will see this thread and help out....I am only a pretend computer nerd.
  12. You could always learn Russian....
  13. If you are on a Windows machine, Microsoft introduced a feature called User Account Control (UAC) back in the Vista days. It is a safety feature. Even if the user is logged in as Admin not every action is ran as admin by default. The reason is that under an Admin account, the user account is not ever really the real, complete Admin. UAC is the real boss. If the admin account were in complete control and everything were ran as "by admin" always then everything including malware would be installed without question. This would not be a safe way to operate the pc. I think it depends on the application being ran as to whether or not UAC asks for permission to run as admin or it simply denies to run only a portion of a process without asking. I think the former is what is happened in your case here. Some mod author has created their mod in such a way that UAC, under your particular pc's settings, decides to "protect" you without asking anything. Other people, including Aslain, may have something a little different in their Windows Security Settings and their UAC never interfered....or they always run the installer as admin manually. I think the best thing to do is to right click on the installer exe file and tell your computer to run it as administrator. This is how you bypass UAC and become the "real" admin. Everything should run as it should. You should only do this with programs that you know and trust to be safe and legit. Aslain's is definitely one that is safe and legit. Happy hunting on the battlefield.
  14. Sounds like it may be a permission issue. You can make sure that you have ownership of the World of Tanks folder. I had weird problems a while back because of ownership being changed on some folders....weird and I never knew how it happened. If you are not sure how to do this Google is your friend...it is easy. Run the installer as Admin. Probably won't make a difference, but it is a free possibility. Other than that, you can only hope that one of the real computer nerds can chime in and help you. I only pretend to be one on forums.
  15. The installer works perfectly for most. I think it may be your anti virus. Have you tried installing with the anti virus disabled? Even though the AV never interfered before, something could have changed in its definitions to cause it to block something in the installation process. Just an idea.
  16. It is probably that your mouse control settings have somehow been changed. In the picture below, you can adjust your mouse sensitivity. In your case, it is probably the one I have marked. The positions mine are in are the default positions. You also may have to adjust the trajectory view too...if it has also been moved. If you are playing the game with the default vanilla keyboard settings for all controls, you can simply click the default button at the bottom and everything will be reset. But, if you have made changes to your keyboard controls and you click default, it will reset EVERY keyboard control and you will have to reconfigure. Of course, after making any changes you must click Apply to save your changes. These settings are saved in the game cache in order that they are carried over from update to update. This cache is apparently left behind when you uninstall, therefore the reinstall didn't help you. In Aslain's Installer, there is the option during the install process to delete this cache if you ever have problems like this again. This way, you dont have to reinstall the game if you cant find the problem. I hope this helps you.
  17. Wait for the new modpack later this morning. With the micro-patch we all received, things aren't working as normal at the moment. Aslain will have to sprinkle his magic pixie dust on a lot of things and then we will be back to normal.
  18. I don't have any Russian Text anywhere else that I know of. It is not a priority to fix of course. I have just noticed it and wanted to inform. Thanks in advance Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  19. yeah...you are right. I am too old for that now plus I am afraid of my wife....haha.
  20. haha...I knew what the numbers were for. Maybe that is why I never noticed it before. But still, I may try the vodka trick and see if it works. If after drinking the entire bottle I still can read the text, I will try smashing myself in the head with the bottle...I bet that would work!!!
  21. what brand of Vodka works the best for you?
  22. Hmmm...I guess I just didn't notice it before. It doesn't bother me and if no one else has noticed it then I am fine with pretending to have a connection to old Vladimir...haha. Maybe if I drank enough Vodka I could understand it.
  23. Were you ever able to change the marker of a custom crosshair from the in game settings? I think that Damocles has had that red marker for a long time. As long as I can remember.
  24. Try removing Gnomefather's Historical Realism Gun Sounds (by Zorgane). That could be what is causing your problem.
  25. The authors of illegal mods don't answer questions about problems? What is the world coming to...cheaters are not as honest as in the old days....