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  1. Yasen Krasen Beta add ons are not working. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. YasenKrasen Beta add ons not working

    I have asked a direct question on the WoT forum, if by some miracle, I get a solution there, I will share it here. Thanks for your efforts though.
  3. YasenKrasen Beta add ons not working

    Thanks for the info. Someone in the WoT thread for the mod claims to have gotten it to work by installing the files manually instead of via your installer. I tried that and nothing was different from what your installer does. I have asked them if it is still working and told them that it didn't work for me. If I get any info, I will pass it along. In the meantime, I am going to use something other than YasenKrasen from the modpack. That is a big advantage of this modpack.....choices, choices, choices....
  4. My 6th sence is working, randomly

    I have also had this happen, but extremely randomly....maybe two or three times out of 200 -300 battles. There have definitely been two times that I am 99% sure that I was spotted for 10+ seconds without any warning. The third time may not have been long enough. If your logs you have included were not immediately after the problem occurs, they may not be of any help. Sharing the logs immediately after 6th sense doesn't work may shed some light on the issue.
  5. Reposition Integrated (XFT) hit/damage logs

    which logs are these in the modpack?
  6. Bino's not showing on mini map

    Please provide the necessary logs so someone can diagnose your problem. Make sure that you dont have an old xvm file in your Aslains_Custom_Mods folder if you normally use that folder.
  7. Bino's not showing on mini map

    Make sure you have the correct selection checked in the installer. Personally I use Dynamic Range, as it shows your view range when stationary as well as view range while moving...just not at the same time....it expands and contracts accordingly to the view range at the moment...with binocs activated/without etc. If you have something selected in the installer and it is not working, please include your logs and someone will help you sort it out.
  8. ISP TELSTRA (AUS) blocks Aslains downloads

    That is called job security....
  9. Stats do not display

    I think the problem is on the XVM side, not modpack related. I have had random battles where either no players stats were shown or maybe on 2 or 3 player's stats shown. This was discussed in battle with other xvm users and all had the same problem. I have read some discussion on the XVM forum that indicates that the xvm servers have been undergoing some maintenance at these times. Sometimes for an hour or so only.
  10. please. help me

    Try the following, it has worked for me and others: Open Command Prompt and type in: ipconfig/flushdns and then hit enter. If it works for you, it may only be temporary. I have had to do it 2 or 3 times in the last few weeks.
  11. Not working AI+ if "only_with_C": = false

    There is some type of conflict when '"Clip Reload" is set to true when "Only with C" is also set to false. In this configuration, AA+ will not function at all. Edit: Kzkhak posted while I was still typing and thinking....
  12. Arty Aiming

    I dont have any problems at all with aiming. And I have AA+ installed. The only thing that I can think of is lag (bad internet connection). Having server side crosshair enabled will reveal if this is the problem.
  13. Not working AI+ if "only_with_C": = false

    checking the latest modpack version now....
  14. Not working AI+ if "only_with_C": = false

    I sent the author a nice, polite PM asking for assistance/info on the problems. I will let everyone know if he responds.
  15. Cannot connect to contacts in the garage

    dns flush has worked for me too. But, it is not a permanent fix in my case. I have to do it maybe ever 100+ battles or so. But, each time I have done it, it restored all chat functions.
  16. Ratings colors

    If it isn't a mistake, and that is what xvm wants it to be, then I can live with it. But, you are correct, it is sort of a dumb scale. A person that is playing better than 94.99% on a particular tank is not simply "good" in my opinion.
  17. Ratings colors

    In the last modpack, a change was made to which colors are assigned to various ratings. I think some of these color/rating combinations are not correct somehow. For example a 76% on marks of excellence is shown as yellow in color which previously meant average. I would think that having a damage ratio higher than 76% of the players on that tank would be better than average. It was before the latest update.
  18. Reload announcer in chat

    Yeah, it would be annoying if everyone used it especially on fast reloading guns. But, most of my guns are 20+ seconds per reload and some are 30+ I have done some testing with different configs of the json file: Auto Announce doesn't work in any of the below settings. But in some settings the c key will trigger the announcement., so that works as it should it seems. Just no auto announcement. Does not work at all….not auto not with C: (tested T92) "addon-auto_announce_reload": { "enabled": true, "clip_reload": false, "reload_longer_than": 10, "only_with_C": false, "clip_reload_with_double_C": false, "second_C_timeout": 0.25 Works with C and double C…not auto (tested T92) "addon-auto_announce_reload": { "enabled": true, "clip_reload": false, "reload_longer_than": 10, "only_with_C": true, "clip_reload_with_double_C": false, "second_C_timeout": 0.25 Works with C and double C…not auto (tested BC 155 58) "addon-auto_announce_reload": { "enabled": true, "clip_reload": true, "reload_longer_than": 10, "only_with_C": true, "clip_reload_with_double_C": false, "second_C_timeout": 0.25 Works with C but not not auto (Tested with T-92) Same set-up tested with BC 155 58- Works with C and with double C… but not auto "addon-auto_announce_reload": { "enabled": true, "clip_reload": true, "reload_longer_than": 10, "only_with_C": true, "clip_reload_with_double_C": true, "second_C_timeout": 0.25
  19. Reload announcer in chat

    Are there any mods that will automatically announce that I am reloading in chat to my team? I think that this used to work in AutoAim + but it will only announce when I press C. Almost all of my guns have longer than 10 second reload times, so that is not it. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.
  20. Cap circle size on mini-map is not large enough.

    I haven't seen any discussions on this topic before this one. This is something that I have always thought should be addressed and corrected.
  21. Game Result

    please include your logs and maybe someone can assist you. Also make sure you have the latest modpack version installed first.
  22. Game Result

    Confirmed. I removed Battle Results Window by Ragnarocek and the problem is now solved. So, if you have a Battle Results Windows selected, try reinstalling the modpack without it selected and hopefully your problem will be solved.
  23. Aslain's Installer Request/Idea

    Since I make some configuration changes to mods or xvm installed with the installer, I use and really like the ability to use the Aslains Custom Mods folder to automatically make these changes for me each time I install the modpack. But all of the changes I make are no longer confined to the "World_of_Tanks>res_mods" folder. Some mods are installed to the "World_of_Tanks>mods" folder which is outside the "World_of_Tanks>mods"res_mods" folder and changes can't be installed automatically with each install but must be either reconfigured manually each time, or a saved file with changes can be copied from another folder and pasted manually. Is it possible to include "World_of_Tanks>mods" folder in "Aslains_Custom_Mods"?
  24. new crosshair for the 9.20 wot

    this does look like an interesting sight.
  25. installer closes after 10 sec

    The modpack works perfectly for the vast majority, so it is a local issue on your pc. It could be many things. First thing is that it could be your anti-virus blocking it due to a false positive. Disable your AV. There is absolutely nothing bad in the modpack. Aslain very very carefully checks everything he includes in the modpack. I personally have never gotten any type or warning etc from either Kaspersky or Avira anti virus. But many that use various free ones such as Windows Defender have had problems. Secondly, it could be Windows User Account Control. Right click on the modpack exe and choose to run as Administrator. Even if you are logged in as admin you should still do this. Otherwise, UAC is your boss. If these two things don't solve your problem, let us know. Maybe the super nerds that hide in the forum will come out and help... Good luck