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  1. In the screenshot, you can see that the AMX 40 has XMQP but the bulb has a line through it. What does this mean? I have asked a few people in game and no one knows the answer. Just curious.
  2. Your logs are also needed. See my signature below for more info.
  3. Yes, it is pretty cool. It lights up yellow when they are spotted and a little yellow bulb appears in their OTM as well.
  4. I bet you are right. I need to train a new crew for another arty, so I will recruit a new commander and see. Wait right here...I will be right back... We have a winner!!!!! The line through the bulb means the commander does not have sixth sense.
  5. But a 7 day ban on a premium account means a loss of premium playing time which was paid for. I got a 24 hour ban for Unsportsmanlike Conduct a year or so ago and lost the premium time. It did make me be a good boy in chat. I think that it is completely wrong that they do not tell the player specifically why they were banned and offer evidence. I imagine that this decision to not allow discussion was based on resources. By allowing a discussion on each ban, they would have to argue every ban probably and that takes time and people and therefore money. In the end, I think we can all trust that Aslain is doing an excellent and thorough job vetting the mods for the modpack. But if you think a mod might possibly be illegal in the eyes of WG, then it is your own responsibility to decide whether to use it or not. Do what you think is the right thing to do and be assured that Aslain is doing his best to make the decision as easy as possible. WG is the one that is not always consistent and predictable.
  6. I agree, but it does make it easier to use Auto Aim compared to Vanilla Auto Aim....albeit a very small amount. With Vanilla AA you must keep the tank highlighted while you press the enable key. That takes an amount of coordination. AA+ reduces, or eliminates this coordination factor. I can imagine that it helps older players like myself more than younger players. As far as whether or not this feature is illegal depends entirely on the direction in which the wind is blowing. That, I know for sure based on past events.
  7. I added you as a friend.
  8. I dont think that a lot of people are using it on the EU servers as I don't get any feedback at all in battles. I have never seen anyone draw on the mini map. Actually, I can not draw on the mini map myself. Maybe it is because I use the ctrl key to enlarge the map to the center.
  9. Like many others, the problem with crosshairs not working properly, crashing the HUD etc has made me seek out an alternative. Damocles Sword was always a favorite because it gave me shell flight time to target as well as distance to target. Yeah...I know...these are not actually necessary in the game, but I liked having them. So, what I have come up with is the following solution from the modpack. I use the vanilla sight with Extra Aim Info in a modified version and Server Crosshair (Fancy Blue) with high contrast and small scale selected. Extra Aim Info, in its default configuration, includes Aim Time and Scatter info which I really do not need and think that having 4 lines of info is too much. So I edited the mod to only show flight time and distance. I also changed the color of the text to better match the colors of the vanilla sight. Below is the result. If anyone wishes to do the same and needs help, let me know and I will gladly help.
  10. I can drag the xvm damage log into the desired position and it will remain until I close the client. But the next time I restart the client and play a battle, I have to re-position the damage log. Does anyone else have this problem? python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
  11. I was hoping that I was the only one having the problem and it was simply me doing something wrong. I searched through the xvm files and could not find anything to change. But, I do not possess the Aslain's Magic Pixie Dust. I just switched to GambitER in the modpack. It stays put.
  12. I could not fully test your setup because the micropatch this morning makes your soundmod crash the game.
  13. I would like to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas. Here is a blast from the past....me on Christmas morning 50 years ago....1966!
  14. There's the problem. Step.....very....... slowly away from the other games....
  15. yep....you caused thousands of virtual internet children to slave away in the cyberink mines for nothing.
  16. Me too! I had gotten the trash talking the enemy team down to an art. One favorite at the the beginning of the battle was "Greetings Nooblings....we come in peace and will not hurt you...we will use lube." Another that I would use when the future ketchup players were playing really poorly was "Tarzan just called and said for all monkeys to stop using the computer now!" Those good times lasted for a while until I got a 24 hour spanking by WG....oh the memories..... Now I am a nicer more mature clicker....
  17. So is everything ok now that you reverted back to the correct modpack version for SEA?
  18. Can you provide the needed logs? It will help greatly to diagnose your problem and hopefully find a solution for you. If you don't know which logs etc, see the link in my signature below.
  19. Yeah...you would think that I would have known that already......uhhhhh......wait........I already knew that....yeah....I actually invented the little dot.....yeah...that's the ticket....
  20. What is this Marker (the small orange dot) on the player panel? I am just curious as to what it means. I don't think it is XVM related, because these players do not have the XVM logo by their name in the Advanced Panel....plus, I don't have the marker next to my name.
  21. Is autoloader magazine anything like Playboy? Thanks. I could not find anything in the modpack that I had selected that it could be. But, maybe I am going blind from looking at Autoloader Magazine too much.
  22. I guess Battle Observer wants everyone to observer Christmas this year.....
  23. They may be having problems with the smoke signal modem on the reservation
  24. maybe try either disabling the ports/drivers and re-enabling (or stop and start), or try reinstalling the drivers. Either of those options may bitch-slap your laptop back into working.