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  1. I can certainly attest to it's fragile ammo rack, lost count how many times I've been 1 shot at full health /grumble
  2. Buncey

    OTM Reloads and Win 10 - Fix

    I really hate to be picky, but why is this post in Guides and Tutorials?
  3. Buncey

    Message Error after new update install

    zzz...........just sat through 25 min download for latest update to find Asia server hasn't got micro patch. That's bloody annoying just quietly
  4. Buncey

    lots of problem aslain 9.6 4.2.23

    I find that 90% of the time when I get the Mouse Freeze, I'm using Team Speak 3 and I'm talking at the time it happens. I use push to talk to people don't hear background noise at my house, music ect ect. Not sure if this is important, but I've found if I just make sure I'm not talking (pressing talk button) when I come out of a battle with Platoon / Clan Skirmish it only happens occasionly.
  5. Buncey

    Colored contours tanks

    Christ I was I could do this stuff, but sadly as much as I game a gaming nerd (ie been a PC gamer for 25 years) I've never learnt how to do programming or modding. Thanks again Aslain from everyone who relies on you :)
  6. Buncey

    Missing Barracks Crew

    Glad I'm not the only one experiencing this very annoying problem. With Barrack slots on special atm, I wanted to grab some before it finishes in another 8 hours or so. I'll do a clean install and unselect the Crew XP Extender
  7. Buncey

    Blank Screen before login

    I'm in the same boat as akepmtb. I logged into the game, realized I needed to update mods so logged out and did the update. Only to find since downloading I'm just getting the black screen even after doing the above suggested. So I know it's not the game, that was working before I did the mod update. edit OK now working with - Enable auto-login to the game, Skip Intro Movie & Favorite Server - all Disabled
  8. Buncey

    Voice Pack Question

    Hi Aslain, love your work. I wouldn't have a clue where to start for mods, so I really appreciate the work you do. I was wondering with the Voice Packs, if you put those together or if they are something you combine into the Mod Pack? I've been using the Family Guy voice pack and was curious if you spent the time putting all of the various voices into the package? I'd imagine keeping the Mod pack upto date is time consuming enough without have to do all the voice stuff as well. Keep up the good work Buncey
  9. It happens to me when ever there is a new Mod Pack Update. It's because so few people in the Norton Community have it downloaded. You can over ride it, or if your really concerned about it, Save As, then scan it, then install.

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